Create Your Own Minecraft Server with VPS

One of the most popular games is Minecraft, the game released in 2011 has sold more than 176 million times at that time. This game is fully customizable, By creating your own minecraft server you get complete freedom to modify the gameplay according to your own preferences.

Minecraft can be played offline or online, alone or multiplayer with friends. If you want to play in multiplayer mode, it would be better if you have your own server. Well, this article will discuss a tutorial on how to create your own minecraft server with a VPS.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game where players can build a 3-dimensional world using different blocks. This game requires creativity from the players to design and build their own virtual world.

In Java Edition, Allows players to customize the game with mods so that they can make their own preferences regarding new game mechanics, items, textures and gameplay assets.

This game has several game modes available:

  • Creative Mode
    A mode that allows players to build anything they can imagine from the unlimited resources given to them.
  • Survival Mode, A mode in which the player must collect natural resources such as wood and stone by exploring the world. Players also need to build houses to protect themselves from enemies and food sources to survive.

This game supports Multiplayer mode, so you can play with multiple players to interact and communicate with each other in one world. Players can connect to publicly available servers or use private Minecraft servers to interact with each other.

Why Should You Run a Private Minecraft Server?


you use a minecraft server that is already available, then your game range is limited. You are bound by the rules of the world in which you play. It’s different if you make your own minecraft server.

Using your own Minecraft server, you can set your game rules preferences and invite anyone to play with you. You are free to install all the mods you want and customize your world with elements not previously available in the game.


in building your own minecraft server? Let’s follow the information and tutorials about creating a private minecraft server.

Server Specifications for Minecraft Game

What are the server specs needed to create a private minecraft server? The specifications needed to build a minecraft server are not so great. Minecraft requires at least 1024MB RAM capacity, Bigger is better for higher gaming performance.

In addition to RAM, bandwidth capacity is also important, especially if your personal server is used for many people.

How to Create a Minecraft Server on a VPS

Creating Minecraft Servers
Create your own Minecraft Server

After you have a VPS that will be used to build your own minecraft server, it’s time to install the Minecraft game server. Here’s how to make your own minecraft server with a VPS:

  1. Login to Server as “root” using SSH
  2. Create a new folder to save minecraft data, use the command “minecraft mkdir
  3. Go to the minecraft directory that you have created, use the command “minecraft cds
  4. Install Java, use the command “apt-get install default-jdk
  5. Download the Minecraft App, Use the command “wget
  6. Open Minecraft default port “25565”
  7. Change the eula settings, use the command “nano eula.txt” Then change the eula value from false to true.
  8. Install Screen to run minecraft server even if you are connected to a VPS or running behind the scenes, use the command “sudo yum install screen”
  9. Run the minecraft application, Use the command “screen java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar noguiNote: -Xms and -Xmx to specify the minimum and maximum amount of RAM, you can change it.

After you follow the steps above, you can already use your own minecraft server. The Minecraft server created above uses default settings.

If you want to create a new world, change the level-name directive in the file as well as other appropriate settings. For more information, you can see the official documentation.

id="cara-terhubung-ke-server-minecraft-saya-sendiri">How to connect to my own Minecraft server?

After you already have your own server, you can immediately use it. Then how? The method is quite easy, when your server is up and running, connect to the Minecraft game client. The method is as follows:

  1. Run your minecraft game
  2. After that log in to your Minecraft account, and click on the Multiplayer button.
  3. Click add Server and enter a name for your server and your VPS public IP address
  4. Your server is now listed in the server list. Click on server and then join server to connect to it.
  5. Safe! Now you are connected to your own Minecraft server

That’s how to make your own minecraft server, you can play games as freely as possible with the minecraft server that you have created. You can make Minecraft a Game during WFH.

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