Creating a Beautiful and Comfortable Garden at Home

Being able to have a house with a beautiful garden is everyone’s desire. Even though you only have a little space, you can still green the area to become a small garden.

There are many things you should know before remodeling it yourself, because you can work around it properly in order to take advantage of the area.

The house is also considered a place that has an entity that can bind charm with all its residents, if the house is comfortable, the owner will also be happy.

Therefore, many people dream of having a comfortable home to live in and one way to do that is by presenting green space in the house itself.

Green space in this case is a small garden that functions as an antidote to air pollution and also supplies clean air to the whole house in addition to other functions, namely about aesthetic factors.

How to Make a Beautiful and Comfortable Garden at Home

For those of you who intend to build a small garden at home, then now you are in the right place because in this article we will discuss how to create a beautiful garden that is comfortable for your home and here is how.

1. Determine the design and cost details

The first important thing that needs to be done in making a small garden at home is to determine what kind of garden design is suitable to be applied in your home.

In determining this design there are several factors that need to be considered and one of them is the availability of land that you have.

The size of the garden will have no effect as long as you choose the right garden design for your home.

In addition, the important thing to pay attention to is the cost details, because you don’t want this garden project to break your pocket.

To make it easier for you to choose the best design for your home garden, here we include some designs that might be suitable for your home.

Creating a Beautiful and Comfortable Garden at Home

One of the effective garden design inspirations applied to homes with limited land is a vertical garden design that doesn’t take up much space.

The most common form of this vertical garden is a hanging garden that utilizes hanging pots.

But using this type of pot can’t be careless because you are required to use a rope that is very strong and not easily broken so as not to have the potential to fall and injure family members.

  • Small garden in front of the house
Creating a Beautiful and Comfortable Garden at Home

Generally, every house has a garage and a small plot of land in front and this small area can be used to build a small garden of your dreams.

To organize the small garden, you can plant mini elephant grass and ornamental plants according to your taste.

In addition, you can also add a pavin block in the garden which functions as a pathway from the warranty to enter the front porch of the house.

If you are confused, you can find inspiration for this type of small garden design on social media platforms such as Instagram to Pinterest.

  • Garden design combined with laundry room
Creating a Beautiful and Comfortable Garden at Home

Besides having an aesthetic function and can help provide good air circulation for the house.

But besides this, the garden can also be used for other needs, such as combining the garden with a washing and drying room at home.

By combining the garden and the laundry room, of course you will be able to save on the use of space at home without sacrificing your dreams of having a dream garden.

  • Small garden on the back terrace
make a garden

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the afternoon by looking at the beautiful back garden is an essential pleasure that you can create in your minimalist home.

Because it is not impossible for those of you who have a minimalist home to have a small garden behind the house.

This small garden can be made by utilizing the small land left in your house, but of course the construction must have been planned at the beginning of the construction of the house.

  • Garden and outdoor kitchen
make a garden

The small garden at the back of your house can not only be combined with the laundry room, it can also be used as a kitchen and outdoor dining area.

However, the meaning of the kitchen here is not an ordinary kitchen that has a lot of electronic equipment, but rather a small kitchen for barbecue and others.

In addition to the kitchen, this small garden can also be used as an outdoor dining room which is certainly very comfortable and gives an aesthetic impression.

make a garden

In addition to outdoor, your dream small garden can also be made on the inside of the house or indoors, and the way is to use the corner of the empty space that you have in the house.

But to make this indoor garden you can’t be careless because of course you have to consider the gaps for sunlight to enter so that the plants don’t die.

Besides that, the plants you choose must also be those that don’t require a lot of water because of course when you take care of them it will make the inside of your house dirty.

Therefore, choose plants that do not require a lot of water such as cacti, mother-in-law’s tongue and others.

  • Garden with a pool
make a garden

To make it more interesting, besides using plants, you can also add a fish pond and small rocks in your small garden.

Besides being able to give an aesthetic impression to the house, the fish pond can also provide white noise from the sound of gurgling water which is certainly calming.

However, making a garden with a fish pond requires careful planning of funds because making this type of garden will cost a lot of money.

2. Choose a location to create a garden

After choosing a garden design that is suitable for home application, the next step is to choose the best location to put the garden in your home.

Some of the garden designs that have been discussed above are flexible enough to be applied anywhere which is of course adapted to the available location in your home.

But even though it is flexible, there is one important thing to consider in choosing a garden location, which is about sunlight, try to get the garden location you choose to get enough sunlight so that the garden becomes fresh and does not wither.

3. Determine the type of plant

After you determine the design and location that is suitable for the garden in your home, the next step is to choose the types of plants that are suitable to be planted there.

To determine the type of plant is not enough capital, good and pleasing to the eye because of course you also have to think about future care.

Do not let you choose plants that require excellent care while you don’t have much time for it because this will only damage the garden.

Therefore it is important for you to choose plants that are suitable for planting in your garden with of course care that does not bother you.

4. Choose additional ornaments

So that it doesn’t seem monotonous, you can add some additional ornaments for plants such as lanterns, barrels and others which will certainly add to that. the aesthetic value of the garden

In addition to decorative ornaments, you can also add ornaments that have functions such as paving blocks that can be used as footholds between gardens.

5. Perform maintenance

The last thing that is important in the process of making a garden is understanding that the plants you plant in your garden will be damaged if not cared for.

Therefore, it is important for you to think about this before starting to build a garden in your house because no matter how beautiful your garden is, it will be useless if the leaves and flowers there fall and wither.

Thus the article that discusses how to make this garden, hopefully this article can inspire you to create dream plants in your home.

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