Creative Promotional Methods to Attract Olshop Customers

Creative Promotional Methods to Attract Olshop Customers
Creative Promotional Methods to Attract Olshop Customers

In this increasingly sophisticated era, where technology is increasingly mushrooming, almost all of us must have social media accounts. Whether it’s tiktok, twitter, Instagram, FB or anything else.

With the increasing number of social media users, it makes it a medium or tool that has a large and reliable role in promoting an online business.

As we all know that almost all business people currently use social media as a medium and a means for them to promote as well as sell.

Because indeed, every day a lot of people surf on social media, so it makes the promotion of your product feel more effective.

Therefore, it is only natural that many online businesses have sprung up today. Online businesses are increasingly mushrooming, of course, will increasingly tighten competition.

You as a business person or a potential online business person, must be able to maximize the use of a variety of social media to promote and market the products you sell.

With the increasing number of users of social media accounts, it makes it easier for you to introduce a product in the market, at least in your own circle of friends.

For you business people, be it small or medium, take a look at some creative promo methods to attract olshop customers:

Creative Promotional Methods to Attract Olshop Customers

1. Use Social Media As Much As Possible

Product publication and promotion activities should not only be carried out on one social media. You have to take advantage of all available social media to introduce the online shop that you are currently managing. Be it tiktok, fb, ig, twitter, YouTube, blogs and so on.

Of course, these social media have their own advantages. With more and more social media users who see the product posts that you share, the more potential consumers will have the potential to buy your product.

This method is considered very easy and most practical to attract potential buyers. In doing so you don’t need a lot of capital, only with an internet connection capital your product has reached many consumers.

2. Be Routine in Making Product Posts

Once you’ve used all the social media available, it’s time to post continuously and consistently.

Don’t just take product photos, make it occasionally in the form of a short video. Don’t care about the number of likes or viewers who you think are still small.

Keep posting regularly, because we won’t know at any time our posts will go viral, like the ones being hit right now, odading mang by.

This posting routine does not require a lot of energy, you just need to take a moment of your time each day, carefully consider what content will be published that day.

3. Apply the “The Rarer the More Hunted” Principle

This form of promotion takes advantage of the nature of “the rarer the more hunted”. Make it seem as if the products you offer are only available in small and limited quantities.

There are many ways that you can apply, one of which is by opening a PO, you can include conditions, for example, only for consumers who give the first likes and comments on your posts.

Creative Promotional Methods to Attract Olshop Customers

For those of you who are just starting an olshop and don’t understand what a PO is, it stands for Purchase Order.

The workings of ordering this model is that the customer or customer will order the goods he wants first, after some time in the future, according to the agreed time, then the product ordered can be received by the customer.

How to Use Influencer Services to Attract Olshop Customers?

4. Take advantage of Influencer Services

The next way that can be applied so that online businesses are in great demand is by speeding up influencers.

The number of their followers who are not small and always follows each of their posts, is very suitable for their services to promote the products you have.

You just have to look for a celebrity that has a lot of followers. Usually they will include a contact who can be contacted to endorse the online shop.

Using the services of influencers has proven to be effective in attracting consumers, although not all but some of them must have the potential to buy your product.

But it should be noted beforehand, in choosing the influencer that you will use his services, make sure he has an image and character that matches your online shop.

If using the services of an influencer is deemed to require a lot of capital, then there are other ways you can do it without the slightest amount of capital.

Surely you often read the comments column on celebgram or artist posts, right?

And it is guaranteed that in each of their posts, you will definitely find comments containing product and service promos. This is one way that is considered quite effective to attract consumers.

5. Apply Free Shipping

Shipping costs or commonly abbreviated as postage, are often the cause of consumers not buying your product.

There are many reasons behind this. By offering free shipping, it is considered good enough to increase sales.

However, to get this free shipping offer you must apply a minimum purchase requirement, this is in addition to increasing the number of orders, you will also not be disadvantaged by the burden of shipping costs.

6. Give Discount

Discounts can always attract the attention of consumers, especially women who are known as discount hunters.

You can give this discount by providing a minimum total purchase requirement. This will encourage consumers to buy more of your products, of course, to get discounts.

7. Give Fast Response

Let alone for business, quick response is always a plus point in everything. Therefore, you as an online business must be more responsive.

For example, if a potential customer asks about your product, try to always give a quick reply.

Because not all potential customers can be patient to wait for a reply. They might leave and choose another online shop.

That’s why a quick response is needed in running this business, so you don’t lose customers in the future

Creative Promotional Methods to Attract Olshop Customers

8. Good communication

If all this time you seem indifferent (perhaps because your character is like that) should be changed quickly.

Because building good communication and familiarity with customers is proven to make your customers feel at home and will not move to other places.

You can start with something simple, such as asking whether the product sent has reached its destination or not, asking their satisfaction with the product, and so on.

You can also build a personal relationship with customers, by congratulating them on their special moments, such as birthdays, for example.

If it’s not too heavy, you can also give a small gift at the same time, attracting olshop customers in this way can make customers feel closer to you.