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Crossing the ponulele bridge

When the Terios 7 wonders team passed through the city of Palu, we stopped here because the icon of this city was enough to make us squint. The city is surrounded by mountains that plunge directly into the sea, beautified by Palu Bay, and equipped with a long river that divides the city. The combination is very pleasing to the eye. Coupled with a yellow first arch bridge, it feels like this city is very good at dressing up.

Rarely have I seen a provincial capital that has such a beautiful panorama. The combination of mountains, valleys, and the sea like this I usually find in remote cities. But not with the city of Palu which is the capital of Central Sulawesi.

Terios crossing the ponulele bridge
In the bridge

The hammer bridge 4 or often called the ponulele bridge is a bridge located in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. This bridge was inaugurated in May 2006 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. This bridge spans over Talise Bay and is located in the villages of Besusu and Lere, which connects the sub-districts of East Palu and West Palu. This yellow bridge is the first arch bridge in Indonesia and the third in the world after Japan and France.

A little spec: main bridge length: 250M. The highest point of the bridge arch: 20.2M and the bridge body width of the bridge is 7.5 M, while the total iron surface area of ​​the bridge: 6234.40 M2

The location of this bridge is also very strategic because from this place, we can see the uniqueness of Palu City which is composed of three topography, namely mountains, valleys, and the sea.

From a park by the bridge.

When I stand on the bridge and look to the north, I see a panoramic view of towering mountains, if you look to the west you will see a panoramic view of Palu Bay, while if you look to the south you can see the view of the Palu City valley complete with residential areas. there.

Ponulele is functionally a liaison between the Districts of East Palu and West Palu which are located opposite each other. And, of course, this bridge also has its own added value for Palu City, because its presence makes the Palu Bay area more beautiful. Its beauty and splendor are the main attraction for cool tourists like me. At night, this bridge looks so beautiful and majestic with the sparkling lights that illuminate the left, right, and top of the bridge.

For sunset or sunrise lovers, this bridge has a complete view in all directions. And equipped with a lot of culinary that extends around the bridge. I will not miss a romantic dinner accompanied by the sparkling lights of the ponulele.

Greetings friends.

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