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I guess train commuter line on Sunday it will be quiet, but I was wrong. The train is still busy, but not as busy as office workers like a normal day.

The train was full of children and mothers who were going to go shopping to Tanah Abang and its surroundings. The carriages are really noisy and many violate the rules such as eating in the train.

But never mind, this time I went to Bogor. The journey is about 90 minutes from Tanah Abang station. The plan is to just eat food, while making content for YouTube, hehe. Already subscribed, right?

From the station I continued with angkot number 02 to Jalan Suryakencana. This area is the Chinatown area of ​​Bogor. Don’t be surprised if in front of the road there is this big red gate.

Jalan Suryakencana

Let’s start a culinary adventure on Jalan Suryakencana Bogor.

Just walking a few dozen meters from the gate, I’ve stopped at the handyman Steamed Taro.

Steamed Taro

Bogor is famous for taro. Taro is a kind of tuber. If I describe it, the taste is similar between sweet potato and cassava. Legit, but not as smooth as sweet potatoes, tends to be fibrous like cassava.

For the first Bogor culinary, we tried this steamed taro which was still hot, sprinkled with grated head and shaved palm sugar.

At first I thought it was brown sugar, but the seller said that brown sugar wouldn’t be able to be shaved like this.

The taste is soft, legit, warm, but not too sweet. The addition of palm sugar adds a traditional touch. Luckily the mamang didn’t add cheese or green tea powder to the steamed taro.

Oh yes, the price is 15 thousand for a portion of this Steamed Taro.

Yellow Soto

Along the Suryakencana road, you will find many sellers Yellow Soto.

But the most famous is Pak Yusup’s Soto Kuning. Use ‘P’ instead of ‘F’. It is located at an intersection close to the aut gang.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at 10 am, Mr. Yusup had not yet arrived. So I decided to try the soto that was already open, namely Soto Kuning Pak Yusuf.

I didn’t really have high expectations for this soup because I thought it was just KW from Pak Yusup’s soup.

But I was wrong. The yellow gravy is very rich in spices. The taste is dominated by cinnamon. The meat is tender. The tripe and gravel are also not hard or chewy. But not overcook also. The champion is the yellow soto!

Those who don’t win are only priced at 35 thousand rupiahs hehe.

Banana sago that is being burned

These are not burnt brains, but these are Banana Sago!

Si mamang does sell various kinds of contents from these burnt banana leaves. There are otak-otak, pepes, and others. But the most unique is this banana sago!

After we unwrapped the banana which had been blackened from being burned with charcoal, we found this banana sago was similar to thymus. The taste is chewy, slightly sticky, and sweet. But the sweetness is still comfortable, not over. It seems he also uses palm sugar as a sweetener.

We ordered the Banana Sago variant with cheese filling. The cheese melted from the heat of the roasting. This is so good. Perfect for tea or coffee. The price is 7000 rupiah for a banana sago.

Suryakencana Street is really culinary, so let’s continue ~

Wet Spring Rolls This is my favorite snack when I was studying in Bandung.

The only difference is that the Bogor version doesn’t use bamboo shoots, it uses yam. So the texture is more crunchy so. In addition, the mixture also uses bean sprouts, eggs, ebi, and tofu. Cooked sauteed with a very fragrant garlic seasoning.

The mixture is wrapped in a thin spring roll skin and then rolled. Put it in a banana leaf and we’re ready to rip it apart

Lumpia for 10 thousand rupiah is one of my favorites on Jalan Suryakencana.

“It’s also delicious with rice, deck,” said the mamang seller. While busy stirring the stuffing of this spring roll with his two spatulas which is quite unique: without a handle.

Btw, all of these foods are located around the aut aut crossroads. So if you go there it will be easy to find these foods.

Just a few meters from the wet spring rolls, I was tempted again for another culinary: Combro Gang Aut!

This combo for two thousand five hundred rupiahs had caught me off guard. I thought the dough that the seller was working on was cheese, it turned out to be cassava! Grated cassava.

Because of this grated cassava, the outer texture becomes very crunchy aka crunchy. Oncom is super spicy and hot, ready to grab our unprepared tongue. It’s really spicy, until yan protests to the mamang.

“Why is it so spicy!”

“If it’s not spicy, it’s called misro atuh, not combro,” said the mamang, grinning.


Continue to my real main goal here: KIKIL BASO

Choose your own gravel, one pebble is Rp. 10,000

When the meatball mama got ready, the queue of prospective buyers had started to appear.

Most of them were mothers, so I was already imagining what kind of battle I would face after this.

So to buy these meatballs, we are required to choose our own gravel and place it in front of the meatball mamang. He will ask how many bowls of meatballs that we choose to spread out.

A bowl of meatballs is 15 thousand rupiahs, one kikil is 10 thousand rupiahs.

The meatballs are cute

After a little jostling with these women (don’t worry, it’s easier than fighting over the train entrance at Tanah Abang station), we finally got a bowl of meatballs.

The broth is clear, there is no excess offal broth. There is a clean taste of meat broth. The texture of the meatballs is just right, not too chewy or soft. The meatballs are empty without any contents, but the aroma of the meat is enough.

And the gravel is, amazingly, really soft! Unlike gravel which is sometimes a bit tough and requires extra jaw power to chew it. This kikil is really polite and comfortable to eat. Especially eaten together with the meatballs. Hmmmmmm!

Drinking beer in broad daylight

Since I haven’t had a drink, I glanced at a very noisy cart. He shook the ice in a giant metal glass and poured a frothy drink that looked like….beer!

It turned out to be beer, but not alcoholic beer! It’s just the name beer because of the shaking effect so that it foams at the top. This cold drink is a mixture of ginger, cinnamon, and palm sugar. I really like the combination of these ingredients, but unfortunately the one I tried was too sweet. In fact, if the sugar is reduced it will be better for sure.

Oh yes, you can see the video version on my YouTube below. This time my sister was the host.

So, have you ever been to Jalan Suryakencana? Give me an idea what else to eat, so I’ll come back here again!

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