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Manta sandy – up and bottom | ©MayangPurwanto

“Later we move around with the current to the bottom of the sea, then everything stays on the reef boundary that has been determined,” said Uncle Saka, our divemaster.

“It’s like watching a movie, we’ll be downstairs later, don’t move too much, if there’s a lot bubble he’ll run away later,” he added.

At exactly seven in the morning, shortly after the briefing, we left the Mansuar wharf. The sea is calm this morning, the weather is friendly.

Om Saka, our divemaster steered the ship back west of Mansyar, to the same place as yesterday afternoon – Manta Sandy Beach.

We were unlucky on the dive yesterday, no manta visible when we dive.

“Not in season,” said Uncle Saka. We went back there, hoping to meet the prima donna of the sea.

Manta Sandy beach is an island of raised sand that is only the size of a badminton court. Almost circular in shape. This place is just a boat berth, nothing but high seas, because the real show is down there.

Sea dancer | ©MayangPurwanto

Diving at the manta point can’t be too many people. If there are too many, the next group of divers will have to queue first. It’s like meeting an idol artist, we have to take turns so that he doesn’t feel disturbed.

Slowly I started to enter. I feel the water here is cloudy compared to other dive points. As my lips sting a little, I remember why mantas are so happy to be here. Jellyfish and plankton! It is their food. No wonder visibility is reduced because billions of plankton roam here.

We returned to the base, lined up neatly while anxiously waiting…..

“Tong teng teng teng!” Om saka tapped the tube with his stick and pointed behind us.

A flash of white shadow was there, only about 10 meters from us. Drift quietly. My heart was beating fast. It flapped its wings once, and flew towards us!

I stay in the original position. The sea bat was also circling on a large coral reef. Then the gills move, sucking cubicles of water, and filtering out thousands of plankton and jellyfish. Turns out it was the sea bat’s lunch hour.

Unlike sharks, I think mantas have the face of a protagonist. If he’s on land, he might look into his eyes like a herbivore looking friendly rather than a carnivore. This ruler of the sea has an interesting hobby – dancing.

Like a real dancer, she is very graceful, her movements are strong but graceful. Time and time again he passed above me, like several years ago.

Maybe he wanted to say hello to me. I can only be silent and amazed.

He turned around, smiled, flapped his wings quite hard, and disappeared into the dark sea.

Our meeting was only momentary. But, the few tens of seconds that we spent together have stuck, stored neatly back in the heart. Until the next meeting someday.

I’ll see you again, ocean ballerina!


om @pinneng in action
me and @r_djangkaru are having a safety stop at Manta Sandy Bottom.
om saka and om @motulz sitting neatly watching mantas on the specified line.
Om Saka is ready to dive, he uses a 10 kg ballast :O
Our boat @manta sandy

Thanks to Mayang for the underwater photos!

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