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Here is some info that might be useful for you. “Dataprint Scholarship” for those of you dataprint ink users…

The DataPrint scholarship program has entered its fourth year. After successfully holding a scholarship program from 2011 to 2013, DataPrint again made a scholarship program for its users who are students and college students. To date, more than 1000 scholarships have been awarded to its users.
In 2014 as many as 700 scholarships will be awarded to selected applicants. The scholarship program is divided into two periods. There is no quota system based on region and/or school/college. This is so that the scholarships can be received equally for all DataPrint users. Scholarships are divided into three nominal values, namely Rp. 250 thousand, Rp. 500 thousand and Rp. 1 million. Scholarship funds will be given once for participants who pass the assessment. Aspects of assessment based on essays, achievements and activeness of participants.
The scholarships distributed are expected to reduce the cost of education while encouraging scholarship recipients to excel. So, register yourself immediately, click the REGISTRATION column on this website!
Registration period 1: 7 February – 30 June 2014
Announcement : 10 July 2014

Registration period 2: 1 July – 31 December 2014
Announcement : 12 January 2015



@ IDR 1,000,000 @ IDR 500,000 @ IDR 250.000
Period 1

50 people

50 people

250 people

Period 2

50 people

50 people

250 people

General requirements:
1. Active students from junior high school to university level for D3/S1 level
2. Be actively involved in school/college activities or organizations
3. Not involved in drugs or have ever committed a crime
4. Not currently receiving scholarships from other companies. If the participant is currently still receiving scholarships from the campus, participants are entitled to participate in scholarship registration from DataPrint.
5. Scholarship recipients in period 2 of 2013 cannot become recipients of scholarships in period 1 of 2014.
Competition Rules:
1. Fill out the registration form in the Registration column
2. One coupon number contained in the DataPrint product, only valid for one registration
3. Registration is free of charge
4. Fill in the form completely.
5. Column NAMEfilled with full name
6. Column COUPON CODEto be filled with the code listed on the back of the coupon in the DataPrint product
7. Column E-MAILfilled with an active email that is still valid
8. Column PHONE NOto be filled with mobile number or landline number that is still active and can be contacted
9. Column EDUCATIONAL STAGEfilled with the level of education being pursued at this time.
Example: SMA, D3, S1
10. Column NAME OF COLLEGE/SCHOOLfilled with the name of the school/college where you study.
11. Column ACHIEVEMENTS EVER ACHIEVEDfilled with achievements from competitions that have been followed.
Include a description of the time and ranking in the competition you are participating in.
Example: National level Physics Olympiad champion in 2012 or in high school
12. column ACTIVITIES THAT HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED / CURRENTLY FOLLOWED, filled with a description of the participation of DataPrint scholarship applicants in activities both inside and outside the school/campus environment.
Activities in the form of lectures or studying at school, do not include achievements.
13. Column LONG USING DATAPRINTto be inputted with the usage time of the DataPrint product.
Fill in this column truthfully because this column NOT AFFECT evaluation.
14. Column KNOWING SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATIONfilled with initial informant informing about the DataPrint pendidikan education scholarship program
15. Column RAPORT VALUE (FOR NEW STUDENTS and STUDENTS), filled with the total score as a whole along with the number of subjects in the last semester. Remember, this column is only filled by students or new students who do not yet have an IP.
Example: 98 of 7 subjects
16. Column LAST GPA (FOR STUDENTS)Fill in with the GPA value or if you don’t have a GPA, it may be filled with the last semester’s IP value. Also write down the current semester. Remember, this column is only filled by students, not students.
17. Column BLOG URLfilled with a copy of your blog’s URL which contains information about the DataPrint scholarship is not an essay. Fill in this column if you have a blog. Filling in this column will add points to the assessment.
18. Column ESSAY, filled with a written work/essay containing the results of your own thoughts in accordance with the predetermined theme. Minimum writing length 100 words, maximum 500 words. The theme will change every period.
Copying and pasting other people’s writings is prohibited. If you intend to adapt or quote other people’s writings, also include the source.
19. The scholarship will be divided into 2 periods.
20. If it fails in the first period, the participant CAN register for the next period.
21. Scholarship recipients who have received scholarship funds in one period CAN NOT become a scholarship recipient in the next period.
22. Time per period:
Period 1: 7 February – 30 June
Period 2: 1 July – 31 December
22. The details of the winners per period are as follows:

@ IDR 1,000,000 @ IDR 500,000 @ IDR 250.000
Period I 50 people 50 people 250 people
Period II 50 people 50 people 250 people

23. Scholarship recipients will selected (not drawn) by the team from DataPrint.

24. The committee did not contact the scholarship recipients. Scholarship recipient names can be found on this website, DataPrint website or at . Keep a photocopy of the latest report card or last GPA and coupon as valid proof of verification if you are selected as a recipient of scholarship funds.

25. Scholarship funds will be given at once and directly to the recipient in that period.

26. Scholarship funds will be sent within a period of no later than one month after the announcement and or after the completion of the filing of the scholarship recipients.

27. The scholarship will be transferred through BCA bank. For scholarship recipients who use other bank accounts, an administrative fee of IDR 5,000 is borne by the recipient (the scholarship will be deducted by IDR 5,000).

28. Scholarship recipients will be announced on the DataPrint website , DataPrint Facebook page and

Full details can be found on the website…


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