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David Cameron suspicious over Putin withdrawal ‘He’s lying!’ | World | News

The former Conservative Party leader warned Boris Johnson not to “believe” Vladimir Putin’s words after experiencing firsthand the false promises made during his reign. He claimed that the Russian president lied about the presence of Russian troops in the Donbas region during the Crimean War in 2014, as well as the fate of the Malaysian airline being shot over Ukraine.

Speaking to CNN, Cameron said: “I had a lot of relationships with Putin during my six years as Prime Minister of the UK.

“There were two occasions, at least, where I remember getting out of the conversation, checking the facts, and knowing that [Putin] had completely lied.

“I think what the British Prime Minister said, what other people said after Putin’s statement that they would withdraw part of Kyiv, I would judge them by their deeds.

“Don’t take their word for it and that’s definitely the right approach.”

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said on Tuesday that the Kremlin would reduce its military presence near the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Chernihiv.

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who was recently suspected of suffering a heart attack, said Russian troops would concentrate their forces on the “liberation” of the eastern Donbas region.

The comments followed promising peace talks in Istanbul, Turkey, on Monday between Ukraine and Russia.

This is the first concession the Kremlin has made since filing its demands at the start of negotiations in late February

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They went on to suggest that even if a withdrawal did occur, there would be “continuous death and destruction” in the Donbas region.

President Joe Biden, speaking after a meeting with the leaders of Italy, Germany, Britain and France to discuss Ukraine, ipadnewsed similar suspicions on Tuesday.

He told reporters at the White House: “I didn’t read anything until I saw what they did.

“In the meantime, we will continue to provide the Ukrainian military with their ability to defend themselves. And we will continue to watch what happens.”