(DC FanDome 2021): Trailer Catwoman: Hunted

Here is a snippet Catwoman: Hunted trailer trailer released in DC FanDome eventslast October 16, 2021.

Although the release of a series of DC animated films (DCAU) has been around since 2007, ironically, DCAU has never released a single Selina Kyle aka Catwoman solo film. Even though as we know, this DC female character is a very iconic female character.

Also, he has an ambiguous background and morals. Oh yes most importantly too, he has appeared in various adaptations live action-his. So once again, don’t be surprised if we are still really confused about why we haven’t seen him in the DC animated film adaptation.

Catwoman: Hunted

trailer for catwoman: hunted DC Fandome 2021
Warner Bros. Entertainment

Well, after finally waiting for a long time, the DCAU Catwoman solo film has finally appeared. Title, Catwoman: Hunted, the film is slated to be released in 2022. However, we don’t know the exact release date yet.

However, let’s just take a look first Catwoman:

Hunted trailer trailer which was released at the event DC FanDome 2021 following.

Yes as you can see through Catwoman: Hunted trailer trailer This film tells the story of Catwoman (Elizabeth Gillies) who is on the wanted list of many countries. Yes, we can assume here, this is because of his figure who stole a lot of gems and other items in these countries.

However, Selina could have been freed from her hunt as long as she was willing to help Interpol. Specifically helping to overthrow the Leviathan criminal syndicate formed by Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis, Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah (Kirby Howell-Baptiste).


course he immediately accepted the offer. However, there is one more aspect that he must fulfill here, he in carrying out the mission must work with Kate Kane aka Batwoman (Stephanie Beatriz).


in the end, because there was no other choice, Catwoman teamed up with Batwoman to overthrow Leviathan and Cheetah.

Has a Typical Anime Graphic Style

trailer for catwoman: hunted DC fanDome 2021
Warner Bros. Entertainment

If we look carefully Catwoman: Hunted trailer trailer On the other hand, it can be seen that the graphic display has a few graphic scratches anime. And of course this gives freshness to the whole DCAU.

Besides that, that makes me personal excited is Gillies’ voice that fits perfectly as Catowoman. Because yes, the figure of Catwoman is a person who often takes advantage of her coquettishness and “naughtiness” in every action. In other words, it must sound really weird.


oh yeah because me too The Walking Dead fanboyanother reason that makes me excited is this film will later feature Lauren Cohan. Cohan plays Maggie Greene (Rhee) in the series The Walking Dead.

She will voice Alfred’s niece, Julia Pennyworth. Yep, if we see Catwoman Hunted We can say it was released for the sake of increasing the prestige of the series Batwoman. Series specifics Batwoman Arrowverse.

Because logically, if the natural goal is to put Catwoman forward, then this film should only show her character, right? Even if he had to have a partner, why did it have to be Batwoman and not Batgirl or Harley Quinn?

But yes, regardless of whether my theory is true or not, what is clear for us who are fanboy Batman, let alone Catwoman, this film, of course, we must wait for the DVD and Blu-Ray release. Now, what do you think about Catwoman: Hunted trailer trailer this?

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