Dea Ananda can’t believe she’s pregnant, postpones the test pack & is touched to hear her baby’s heartbeat


Dea Ananda and her husband, Ariel, are expecting their first child. Currently, Dea Ananda is 20 weeks pregnant or has entered the 2nd trimester, Mother.

The presence of the baby is so awaited by the couple who got married in 2009. Dea and Ariel have planned to have children since joining the IVF program in 2020.

The news of Dea Ananda’s pregnancy was first shared on Instagram at the end of last year. Dea shares stories about the joys and sorrows of undergoing IVF, Mother.

This former member of the Kwek Kwek Trio couldn’t believe it when he was tested positive for pregnancy. She even decided to postpone her pregnancy check with a test pack.

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“After the embryo transfer is there two week waiting, After waiting for the doctor to ask for a test pack check. But because we were nervous, we back off tomorrow and tomorrow,” said Dea to HiMom, recently.

“The next day we checked, it turned out that the line was positive, but we weren’t excited, we didn’t believe it. I gave it to him (Ariel). Until we WhatsApp the doctor, the doctor said it was very clear, tomorrow he was told to come,” he continued.

Even though they’ve been to the doctor, Dea and Ariel still don’t believe in this pregnancy. Both of them did not expect much, because they often heard stories about couples who failed IVF when they tried for the first time.

Both of them were only sure when they heard the heartbeat of the baby, Mother. For Ariel, this is a new, unforgettable experience.

“I just believed I was pregnant at the week where we could hear the heartbeat, before that I was in denial, why me? Because we less expectations, considering we like to hear about IVF more than once,” said Dea.

“Yeah, can hear that first heartbeat new experience what makes us ‘wow really?’,” said Ariel.

The moment turned out to be very memorable for Ariel. Dea admitted that her husband was moved to tears because he was touched and happy to hear the heartbeat of the baby.

“Yes, I was touched, the video was repeated over and over again, until the room saw the video, and then she shed tears, moved,” said Dea.

Dea Ananda’s struggle to be able to have children is not easy. He had to undergo several medical procedures because of problems in the reproductive organs. What’s the story like?

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