Dear Thesis Fighters, This is a Recommendation for Korean Variety Shows to Refresh the Brain – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. For final students as well as thesis fighters who are completing their studies, don’t forget to healing or simply refresh brain yes. Because, this is very necessary so as not to feel bored or bored.

Well, this time Mimin will recommend a number of variety shows Korea who will entertain you on the sidelines of thesis work. However, you can watch this spectacle when you have a lot of thoughts and want to take a break from the world of writing.

Don’t forget to stay focused on the main goal, which is to complete the thesis and graduate on time. Come on, just look at the following recommendations.

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Running Man

Portrait of Running Man members (Photo: All Kpop)

Variety Show this one can be said to be the best choice when you want to watch entertainment shows. Not only presenting well-known Korean artists, the games in this event are very exciting and entertain the audience.

For students who want to watch light shows like variety shows, Mimin recommends watching the program led by Yoo Jae Suk. Hopefully, after you watch this show, your thoughts and burdens will be slightly lifted from before.

Knowing Brothers

Portrait of Knowing Brothers players and guest stars (Photo: Makassar Journal)

Who doesn’t know this famous event? If you are a K-Pop lover, you will definitely know this popular event. Because many guest stars from artists and idols came to entertain the audience.

This show reveals facts about the artist who guest starred to play games which is really fun. Don’t miss it to watch it.

Going Seventeen

Member boy band Korea Seventeen (Photo: Kepoper)

Let’s admit, who are these fans boy band Seventeen or usually known as Carat? Surely many have watched the Going Seventeen variety show via Youtube. Well, this one event can also be one of the choices for your Zone Friend if you want to refresh your brain by watching the show variety shows.

Presenting various activities to games that are brought by each member of Seventeen. This event will also make you laugh out loud because of the cuteness of each member.

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Amazing Saturday

Amazing Saturday cast and crew portrait (Photo: People’s Mind)

The following variety shows are no less exciting than other shows. Especially for those of you who like the world of music, it will be very suitable if you watch this show. Because, players and guest stars in this event will scramble to guess the lyrics of the song. Not only that, even those who managed to answer correctly will be treated to a luxurious meal or snack that has been provided.

The Return of Superman

The Return of Superman (Photo: Red and White)

The last event for those of you who like small children, will be suitable to see variety shows this one. This variety event is guaranteed to entertain and accompany you during your thesis work. For information, this one program is a favorite show for South Koreans.

Dear Thesis Fighters, This is a Korean Variety Show Recommendation to Refresh the Brain

That’s Mimin’s review of some recommendations variety shows or various events from the country of Ginseng as a brain refresher.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures, and always turn on notifications. See you later.

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