Decorating Ideas Using Artificial Moss As A Natural Decoration For Your Home Interior

Living in the countryside may be used to seeing moss growing in the house naturally, even trying to get rid of it because it is considered to reduce the beauty of the house.

Contrary to urban urban life, especially in big cities abroad. Tall buildings keep them away from the natural atmosphere. They also miss the natural atmosphere like moss adorns the rocks.

Realizing this opportunity, the architects created an interesting idea, namely by placing moss as a wall decoration in the interior of the house. This method is quite successful in building a natural impression in a modern home.

Moss, usually considered a ‘pest’ that spoils the appearance of the house and makes it look dirty and unkempt. But now it has become the preferred alternative to building ‘green land’ vertically. Without having to spend land, green elements and natural nuances can still be presented in the house.

In today’s era, the trend of using moss on the walls of the house was popularized by Joe Zazzera and Pat Mahan. Joe and Pat are founders and owners of Plant Solutions, an Arizona-based plant-only interior design company.

The idea of ​​creating a moss wall came after many clients asked them to make plant designs that do not need watering and are also easy to maintain. Even so, it can still bring out a cool green nuance. That’s when they began to grow moss which was placed on boards, wooden trays, walls and even used as wall decorations in meeting rooms. Unique, natural, durable, as well as practical to care for.

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