Deep Web Is A Hidden Website, Really Dangerous?

The Internet is a network that stores millions of sites around the world. However, from the many sites, is it possible for you to access them all? The reason is, there is a mystery on the internet called the Deep Web. Deep web is a hidden site which is considered dangerous and illegal.

Of course you often hear the term Deep Web, but do you know what is in it and how to access this mystery site? Let’s find the explanation in the following article.

What is the Deep Web?

The Deep Web is a site that was first introduced by the founder of BrightPlanet, Mike Bergman. Compared to the Surface Web, the Deep Web contains more complete information and various content accounting for 96% of the total data across the internet.

The Deep Web is a site that is difficult to reach, because it cannot be accessed by users search engine in general, such as Google and Bing. Meanwhile, the surface web is a collection of pages that can be accessed by the public via e-mail search engine normal.


Deep Web is often referred to as DeepNet, Hidden Web or Invisible Web. These terms describe that this is a site that contains hidden and difficult to access information. Therefore, how to enter the Deep Web is not known to everyone.

The analogy, if the internet is an ocean. Thus, the Deep Web is a trough that is difficult for everyone to reach. Although, certain people can access it easily, for example Hackers.

What Does the Deep Web Contain?

Deep Web sites are known for dangerous and scary content. The reason is, there is a lot of information about “untouched events” by major media around the world. For example, tips for hacking, illegal transactions, and the most popular content are weird videos that can give viewers a mental attack.


further, the Deep Web is a site that contains important data from research by an institution, the government which is usually private. No wonder, if reportedly the Deep Web stores so many secret government documents.


worse, on the Deep web site there is information on sales and human research, sexual exploitation of children, assassins, black market and drug transactions.

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Facts About Deep Web

The first fact that you should know about the Deep Web is that the amount of information is up to 400-500 times that of the general web, with a capacity of up to 7500 TB. even the server is 20 times larger than the capacity of Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

You also need to know that internet access around the world that can be used currently is no more than 5% of the existing capacity. So the Deep Web is the site behind the servers belonging to companies such as Facebook, Google or Microsoft.

id="cara-mengakses-deep-web">How to Access the Deep Web

Talking about how to access the Deep Web, not everyone knows it. In fact, only certain people are able to access and explore it. Even the dangers of the Deep Web are very risky if you are desperate to open it.

This site cannot be accessed by general search engines. If interested, you can use the Tor Browser. Next, you just type in the url to be addressed. Even so, it is not easy to find information there, because the Deep Web is not indexed by the search system.

Difference between Dark Web and Deep Web

Both the Dark Web and the Deep Web have the same impression, namely an illegal and dangerous site and difficult to access. Even so, it turns out that the two are considered different, you know. Then, how is the difference?

The difference between the Dark Web and the Deep Web is more about the information and content in it. The Deep Web usually includes a database, which is a collection of private files that are not linked to other areas of the web.


included in the Deep Web is an Intranet, which is a company’s internal network to monitor personal interests. Meanwhile, the Dark Web is more focused on protecting illegal activities such as exploits and illicit transactions.

Dangers of the Deep Web

As previously explained, the Deep Web is known as a dangerous site. How dangerous is the Deep Web for its users? Check out the following explanation.

1. Vulnerable to viruses

The Deep Web is considered a nesting site for viruses. Where, when you do not do maximum protection when accessing it, then the virus attack is very easy to enter your device.

2. Exposed to cyber crime

When you try to enter the Deep Web site, don’t be surprised if your personal information can be spread. If that happens, then you can more easily get caught in cyber crime.

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3. At risk of mental disorders

The Deep Web contains a variety of content that is unclear where it comes from and what it means. So that. Often we see some scary videos from the Deep Web spread on the internet. Some people think that the content can cause mental disorders.

Deep Web Positive Functions

Despite the dangers, it turns out that the Deep Web has a positive function in certain fields, especially regarding security. Read on for further explanation.

1. thwart terrorism attempts

The Deep Web sometimes contains information about plan acts of terrorism from a particular community or group. If you manage to find the right keywords and explore them, it’s not impossible that you will find surprising facts. Therefore, the Deep Web is very useful in the world of policing.

2. Storing company personal information

Information of a company or country is usually very confidential, so it is hoped that no one can access it. One way to store confidential data is through the Deep Web. That way, ordinary people can’t reach it.

3. Feel free to share secrets

In the Deep Web not a few people who talk about confidential information. Because, in there, your privacy is very well maintained. Even the information that is being discussed will not be spread.

Talking about the Deep Web is quite an interesting topic. Although it is curious, not many people dare to visit. That’s an explanation of what the Deep Web is and about the facts. At least, this information can cure your curiosity about the site.