Definition, Functions, and How to Use It

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Github is a web hosting platform or service that allows teams of developers to work together online. What do you mean? So, through Github, developers can not only store and manage code, but can also invite their team to check code at the same time and place.

If you’ve ever used Trello, then Github is a similar project management. There all work progress will be seen clearly and in detail. So, this platform is very good if used as a forum for collaboration between developers, especially those who work remotely.

So, are you planning to take advantage of the following features in the near future? If so, it’s a good idea to learn how to use Github and things around it from now on. Therefore, Jagoan Hosting has covered everything you need. Check it out!

Definition of Github

github is

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Github is a developer-only platform that was created inspired by the way programmers work. If you are a programmer or interested in programmers, you can try Github as an open source to business, host, check code, and manage project and creating software with over 56 million users worldwide.

Definition, Functions, and How to Use It

Simply put, Github is a platform that is a project management system versioning code, as well as being a social media platform for developers around the world. Of course, there are lots of Github functions that developers can take advantage of.

Well, for those of you who are interested in the world of developers, you can use Github to connect with developers around the world. But first, you need to really understand what Github is. Git itself is a VCS (Version Controlled System) software that can be done online.

Well, as a start, let’s first know the important Github terms below:

Term Explanation
Repository The folder or directory containing the project’s files and code change history.
Commit Records history of changes to files, including who, what, and when changes occurred.
Clone Copies of other people’s repositories to Github and can be edited offline.
fork Copying someone else’s repository to a Github account. Generally, this is used to experiment on a project that is considered interesting.
Remote The respiratory version stored on the Github server. Can be synchronized with the clone version so that offline changes are also recorded.
Branch Also called a branch from the main repository. In the branch, the code used can be tampered with to fix bugs.
Merge Merging code that has been changed from one branch to another respiratory.
pull requests Can propose a change to the repository to the project owner/leader.
Issue Contains suggestions, questions or requests related to the repository.

Well, that’s the understanding and important terms about Github that you need to know as a developer. Next, we need to understand the essential functions of Github.

Github Functions

After knowing what GitHub is, then Jagoan Hosting will discuss the functions and uses of GitHub, here are some useful GitHub functions for developers:

github is

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  1. Make project work easyt

First, the function of GitHub is to facilitate collaboration in running projects. This is because GitHub has distributed version control, and all developers or team members can access and manage code in one place.

In addition, GitHub is a platform that also provides project management features in the form of board such as, Trello and Of course, these project management features are very useful for developers to collaborate with other developers.

So, it can be concluded that the use of Github is that developers can do code reviews together, discuss bug fixes, determine work priorities, manage workflow to see the progress of the project.

  1. Prevent code changes that could actually break the original code

Don’t be afraid that fellow developers working on a shared code review could break the original code. Because, GitHub will prevent code changes that will actually damage the original code.

GitHub is a platform with features Branch which can create multiple branches of the project’s main code. Thus, code changes will not have any impact on the main code. So, it’s quite useful if you want to fix bugs or try to add new features.

  1. Could be a developer’s portfolio

In addition to making project work easier, GitHub’s function is as a developer’s professional portfolio. This portfolio can be a special attraction for clients or companies that need your services as a developer.

Tutorials Using Github

github is

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When viewed from its function, GitHub has quite a lot of benefits for developers. So, how do you use GitHub? Don’t be confused, here is a tutorial on how to use GitHub, complete with the steps. Just take a look!

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the application

The first way to use Github is to make sure whether you are logged in to the application or not. If you don’t have a GitHub account, you can create an account first by registering and filling in the required information, such as name, email address and direct verification.

  1. Creating a repository on your GitHub account

After successfully logging in or registering and logged into GitHub, you can immediately start creating a repository. How to do it by clicking the button New on the Repository menu.

After that, you will be directed to the page used for the repository. In creating a repository, you will be asked to complete the following data:

  • Repository name — Fill in the name of your repository. Instead, use a name that is simple and easy to remember.
  • Description — description or description of the repository. You can fill it with your main goal of creating this repository.
  • Repository type — in this step there will be two options, public and private. Public means that other people can see the repository that you have created, while private no one can see the repository except yourself. You can adjust it according to your needs.
  1. Creating code files

After creating the repository, the way to use Github is to create a code file. You can create the code file in the repository according to your needs. Just click creating new files. After that. enter the name and file extension according to the programming language. Then, do the coding in the column below, and click Commit New File to save the file on GitHub.

  1. Editing code files

After the file is saved, you can still edit the code file. The trick is to click on the pencil icon, and change the text. After that, don’t forget to enter a description of the changes by adding any change text in the description column below it.

Then, select an option create a new branch for this commit and start pull request to create a new branch with this code. Name the file with an easy name and you remember, yes!

  1. Collaborate with fellow developers or work on other projects

Well, for those of you who want to collaborate with other developers using a private/private repository, you can look for options on the project’s GitHub. Then the last step is to click fork which is on the top right of the project page to save the repository to your GitHub account.

Can Github Only Be Used by Developers?

github is

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The use of GitHub is mostly for developers. However, the question is whether GitHub is only used for developers? The answer is no, GitHub is a platform that anyone can use. Everyone can use GitHub to manage their projects or work on a task together.

If you are currently working on a project with coworkers, then there is nothing wrong with using GitHub in project management. On this platform you can work on, update and track any changes to the project you are working on.


That’s the understanding of github, its functions to how to use it in full. As it turns out, Github is a platform intended for all jobs, not just developers. Because indeed, primarily, the use of Github is to manage projects and track progress in them. So, are you interested in using Github?

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