Definition, Functions, Symbols and Types

What is a flowchart? Flowchart is a term that is commonly heard, especially for developers. Well, in the article Hosting Expert this time, Mimin will discuss about flowcharts. So, For those of you who are curious about what a flowchart is and how to apply it, read this article to the end!

What is a flowchart?

what is a flowchart
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Literally, the translation of a flowchart is a flow chart. Yup, in Indonesian a flowchart is called a flow chart. However, in its use we are more familiar with the term flowchart. The developers must be familiar with the use of the term flowchart.

A flowchart is a diagram that contains the flow or steps of a process. What process do you mean? The process in the flowchart is the process of the project being worked on. Just like other types, flowcharts are diagrams with various arrangements of symbols. Flowcharts contain graphic symbols and are linked by arrows.


flowchart is a project flow guide. This diagram is also used as an illustration or description of the project, including a picture of solving the problems being faced. You can see the big picture of the project to be handled.

In addition, flowcharts are an important guideline when you want to develop a device, application, or even a website. In this flowchart you will also know the needs that will be used and who is in charge.

For example, what server and hosting will be used, you can also include who will handle those needs in the flowchart. Eits, for hosting matters, just a hosting master, friend! Best Cloud Hosting Provider and VPS Indonesia

id="simbol-simbol-dalam-flowchart">Symbols in flowchart

It was mentioned earlier that a flowchart is a diagram composed of symbols. However, the symbols used in flowcharts are not just any symbols, friend! Each symbol used has its own meaning. Take a look at the image below to know the meaning of each symbol, mate!


These symbols are usually used in flowcharts. The first image contains arrows that serve as directions and links from one stage to another. If you’re planning a career in technology development, it’s a good idea to understand the various flowchart symbols.

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Types of flowcharts

This flow chart is divided into five types. The types of flowcharts are system flowcharts, document flowcharts, schematic flowcharts, program flowcharts, and process flowcharts. We will discuss one by one, yes, friend.

  1. System flowchart

This is a type of flowchart that gives the biggest picture of a development project being worked on. This type of diagram contains the overall flow of the project. In this type of flow chart, you can see the flow of each process. You can also see what processes will be carried out.

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  1. Document flowchart

The next type is the flow chart for documentation. As the name suggests, this diagram is created as a flow of documenting projects in progress. This diagram contains the flow of reports and other administrative procedures. Although not prepared for technical purposes, this flowchart is still needed for documentation purposes. The symbols used are the same as the other types.

  1. Schematic flowchart

This type of schematic looks similar to a system flowchart. So, what makes these two types different? First, the symbols used. The schematic type also includes pictures of devices such as computers in their diagrams. Second, the details in the diagram. With the use of more complex symbols and images, the schematic type becomes a more detailed type of diagram. Some projects require this type of flowchart.

  1. Program flowchart

This type of diagram consists of two diagrams. First, logic flowchart programs. Second, detailed computer program flowchart. Just

like schematic types, program types also contain detailed flows.

  1. Process flowchart

The last type is the process flowchart. This diagram contains an overview of the analysis of the steps of the next process. This chart is usually used for reporting and further development of the project.

From Mimin’s explanation above, you understand more about what a flowchart is and how do you apply it? Well, for you friends Hosting Expert Those who are interested in these kinds of topics, can keep watching the blog Hosting Expert. We always updates interesting information about technology, business, and even entertainment (anime and anime) games). Hosting Expert, Indonesia’s Best Cloud Hosting!