Delicious Recipes for Coffee Shop 7 from Palembang


In addition to having a comfortable place, Kedai Kopi 7’s delicious recipes are also quite complete, namely providing various menu variants for breakfast to late night menus.

Kedai Kopi 7 is one of the cafe names located at Central Pavilion Palembang. This shop is not visible from the road, but after you enter the central Pavilon area, you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere that is presented. In addition to having a comfortable place, delicious recipes from Kedai Kopi 7 are also quite complete, namely providing various menu variants for breakfast to late night menus.

The place is indeed not spacious enough, but in this shop there are a number of outdoor and indoor chairs so that customers can choose a place that feels more comfortable. The location of the Kopi 7 shop is not far from several other outlets scattered in Palembang. There is a mini garden and a fountain with green plants next to Kedai Kopi 7. This of course makes the outdoor atmosphere very romantic and fun.

For those of you who are photo lovers, you can use this photo spot after enjoying a delicious recipe from Kedai Kopi 7. You can take some interesting photos and upload them to social media which will surely amaze your followers with the views you take.

Inside the complex, there is also a large enough parking area so you can come here in groups, even when there are car community events or other events.

The dining area in the Kopi 7 room also has its own charm, complete with an interior design with rustic nuances and contemporary vintage. The delicious recipes of Coffee Shop 7 that are presented also vary from eastern to western. The price set for the menu served is quite affordable, starting from a price range of Rp. 35,000 only.

Coffee Shop 7 is usually crowded with visitors from 10 am to 10 pm. Customers usually start arriving at breakfast time, lunch time until dinner time. Coffee Shop 7’s delicious recipes that you can try include espresso, white cappuccino, cafe latte, caramel machiatox, matcha latte, vietnam drip, affogato, filter, red velvet, iced coffee milk overseas, hot chocolate, ice cincau, pure oranges and traditional menus other.

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