This is a Review article exclusive industrial and warehousing area with greenery in Bandung” A comfortable industrial area is the dream of industrial entrepreneurs, but if we look at it, in Indonesia, most industrial areas only contain goods storage warehouses, so that the location of the area is also in steep and dusty areas, without paying attention to aesthetic beauty. I’ve been to several industrial areas, where the roads are rarely maintained, some have holes because trucks, containers are often passed, and some are slums because the place is often flooded. Then is there a green and cool industrial area? There is! industrial area and exclusive warehousing with greenery in Bandung

Warehouse Blue P and Warehouse Orange P above are some examples of ready-to-sell products from DE PRIMATERRA.

DEPRIMATERRA Besides this is an illustration of the location de Prima Terra which was developed by PT. LIGHT SOURCE OF PROSPERITY . Where if we see, the location is indeed very strategic for exiting and entering the industrial area.

face="Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif">The full address is Sapan Gedebage Highway, Bandung Regency. The location is also only 4KM from the highway, so it is very easy to get in and out of goods.

So for those of you who have plans to look for warehouses for goods storage areas and central businesses, DE PRIMATERA is the right choice.

You can choose the right warehouse or warehouse, currently there are 165 warehouse units and a land area of ​​20 hectares.

For security issues, No need to worry about having to hire a lot of security guards to guard the warehouse . Because security facilities have been provided by the party De

PRIMATERA among others: from Security guard, CCTV at many points, and One Gate System for 24 hours Nonstop.

For the problem of floodingNo need to worry either, because this area is flood-free. So that this area deserves to be dubbed as a luxury industrial area with an equivalent price.

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With some of these innovations, at least they can initiate and create a mindset in Indonesia that beauty is necessary even in an industrial area. Adequate comfort and facilities are also mandatory for every Industrial Estate, including security. So that many entrepreneurs who are starting to grow in Indonesia are no longer worried about this problem. And of course the designerIndonesia’s nomian also grows because of the number of emerging entrepreneurs. Because the point of growth of a country’s economy can be calculated from the number of entrepreneurs in the country country the.

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