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The first impression when I saw this island was : Colorful!

This colorful building near the pier is an inn. From homestay to resort classes, everything is colorful! Red, yellow, green, and other permanent colors — plus a bright blue sky background, really exudes a cheerful impression.

The colors are right for the holidays, right?

Derawan colors
A closer look.
Welcome to Derawan Island!
Children playing near the inn. Not infrequently turtles swim here.
The price of a simple inn with ac in Derawan is around 250 thousand for one night.
My inn is not colorful, unfortunately, hehe.
See the shadow on the left of the boat that is running?
Turtle! This green turtle used to play in Derawan because there were so many of them. But now maybe only 2-3 turtles visit here. The innkeeper said neighboring ships often pick up turtles in the dervish area.
One of the corners of the beach on Derawan Island
Derawan Island is not too big. By bicycle, one hour is enough to go around the island in a relaxed manner.
The famous islands in the Derawan archipelago are Derawan, Maratua, Kakaban, and Sangalaki. Renting a fast speedboat with a capacity of 4 passengers and one captain is around 2 million rupiah for a day of island hopping.
Nice weather. The heart is happy, but the skin is getting darker.
But when he arrived at Maratua Island, Paradise resort, the weather suddenly changed. Duh, it’s better for my skin to be darker than this rain :))
Maratua Paradise Resort, After the rain. *cry*
However, these singles are still happy. Except the middle one.
Strangely, it only rained at the resort. Not far when we left this Malaysian-owned resort area. Bright atmosphere. Huvt.
Snorkeling in the umbrellas. Here, THE TURTLE IS SO MANY TWEEPS. LIKE AGAIN IN ARISAN. Sorry I don’t have an underwater camera… *crying again*
Continue to Kakaban Island, before swimming with the jellyfish in the snorkeling lake in front of it. But it’s normal, really.
From the pier of Kakaban Island
Kakaban salt water lake
Here comes the stinging yak derawan jellyfish. Can’t use fins here so they don’t get disturbed. If you can’t swim, it’s better to use a life jacket.
Selfie with jellyfish! Thanks for the go pro, sis @lostpacker!
Still in Kakaban, but the back of the lake entrance.
Enter the cave, and emerge in a beautiful lagoon like this.
Don’t forget we also went to Sangalaki Island. There are lots of mantas here, and the beaches are nice too.
Om Bolang @lostpacker in action, Sangalaki Island.
Then we turned to the north of Maratua Island..Following the shallow waters…until we pulled over to the edge of the forest with rocks..
…the coral reefs here are very beautiful, you don’t even need to throw yourself in to see them.. we also walked to go to a cave..
One of the caves on Maratua Island…
With a colorful entrance like this… Derawan is indeed colorful hehe.
The Mahakam dolphin strayed in Derawan. Want to go inside? Wait for the next post 🙂

Holiday Tips to Derawan.

  • From Jakarta, you can take a plane to Berau or Tarakan.
  • If from Tarakan, the port is not too far from the airport. From Tarakan to Derawan takes about 3 hours depending on the weather. But there are no public ships here, generally you have to charter. Suitable for groups.
  • If from Berau, the boat to Derawan may only take about half an hour. However, from Berau Airport to Tanjung Batu Berau Harbor, it takes about 2 hours by winding road. Public ships are always available and scheduled.
  • Derawan is very hot. Prepare sufficient head protection.
  • Don’t touch the jellyfish in Kakaban Lake. Even though it doesn’t sting, it can still threaten their ecosystem.
  • Renting a small speedboat for 4 people is relatively expensive (1.5 – 2 million rupiah), but its fast movement can save our time. Because the distance between the favorite islands is quite far. Even our boat can catch dolphins!
  • There are many clam clam dishes in Derawan…this is an endangered clam species, so it’s better if we eat something else.
  • Bring enough cash because there are no ATMs in Derawan.
  • The price of lodging is around 200 thousand rupiah a night. For the resort around 800 thousand a night.
  • As much as possible you can swim and have a diving certificate. Too bad if not, hehe.
  • Have fun!

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