Derby Romero’s Wife Gives Birth, Her Baby Girl Name is Unique and Beautiful Bun


Happiness is being felt by Derby Romero and his wife, Claudia Adinda. Their little family finally added a new member. Adinda Mae is known to have given birth on January 20, Mother.

This happy news was delivered directly by both of them. Derby Romero and Adinda Mae have uploaded a photo of their first child, a girl.

“We’re officially a family of 3 now. At 9.57am, we welcomed our beautiful daughter Millicent-Mae Bea Nainggolan (Millie-Mae) into the world.”

“We are totally in love & have been enjoying the role of our new parents for the last few days. Beautiful start in 2022,” wrote Claudia Adinda, quoted from her Instagram caption @miss_adinda_mae, Tuesday (25/1/2022).

Adinda Mae uploaded a photo of her delivery process and their little daughter who was recently born. Their faces couldn’t hide their happiness. Meanwhile, Derby Romero uploaded a photo of their baby on his Instagram.

“She’s here!!!! Born on 20-01-2022, we welcome our daughter *Millicent-Mae Bea Nainggolan* into the world!!! Now we are three @miss_adinda_mae,” wrote Derby Romero.

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One thing that is interesting is their baby’s name, Mother. Derby Romero’s baby girl name is Millicent-Mae Bea Nainggolan. Quoted from nameberry, Millicent is a girl name from Germany which means strong in work. The name Millicent has been in use since the Middle Ages and was in the top 500 baby names in the 1920s.

Meanwhile, Mae seems to be following her mother’s name, Claudia Adinda Mae. Then, quoted from the same page, Bea is a female name which means He who brings happiness. Lastly, Nainggolan is the Batak clan of his father.

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