Despite Reaping a Row of Controversy to be Branded the Worst, NMIXX Still Prints Various Records

NMIXX is a girl group made by JYP Entertainment which is being talked about a lot. You see, not even a week since their debut, NMIXX has been hit by a lot of controversy.

Starting from accusations of plagiarism to songs considered too messy, making NMIXX labeled as the girl group with the worst debut song in JYP.

Despite reaping a series of controversies, NMIXX still managed to break various records. For more information, let’s see this article!

K-netz aka Korean netizens admitted that they were very disappointed with NMIXX’s debut song OO. In fact, many of them rated OO as the worst debut song in the history of the JYP girl group.

Since the beginning of OO’s release, K-netz considered the song too difficult to enjoy. And the melody is considered too jumbled.

Not only the song, the MV OO did not escape criticism from netizens. Many think the MV is too similar to ATEEZ’s Illusion MV.

Unfortunately, the issue of plagiarism does not stop there. Some Korean netizens noticed that NMIXX’s point dance moves when appearing on Weekly Idol were very similar to the viral scorpion leg dance by Xu Jiaqi THE9.

The scorpion’s complicated-looking footwork was the choreography for the song Lion, which was once viral on TikTok.

Therefore, Korean netizens accused NMIXX’s choreography of plagiarizing Xu Jiaqi.

For these accusations, fans also defended NMIXX. The reason is, the scorpion leg dance was also performed by TWICE’s Momo in 2018.

And of course, some dance moves can look similar to each other. Wasn’t this time netizens were too harsh on NMIXX, to think that the choreography was an act of plagiarism?

Despite all the controversy that hit NMIXX and JYPE, OO’s song still managed to break several records, really.

Impressively, OO managed to surpass 1 million views in less than an hour after its release.

In the first 24 hours of release, MV OO impressively managed to get more than 19.7 million views and 540,000 likes on YouTube.

Thus, the song OO NMIXX has now claimed the record as the most watched K-pop music video on Youtube for the first 24 hours of 2022.

OO also holds the record for the highest number of views in 24 hours, among K-pop group debut MVs released from 2021 to 2022. This achievement surpassed IVE’s MV ELEVEN which only got 9.8 million views.

Not only that, NMIXX has also successfully entered iTunes charts worldwide with their debut album.

AD MARE’s album debuted at #2 on iTunes album charts worldwide. And, ranked 12th on the European iTunes album chart.

Impressively again, AD Mare reached #1 on iTunes top album charts in various countries, such as Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, and including Indonesia. Happy NMIXX!

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