Dessert Chain, Challenge Foodies Game Review!

Hi, everyone.
How are you today? I hope all of you doing fine.
This day I’ll give you some info about foodies game.
I see this game when I play another game. Some of my friends say that this game is one of “candidate” for the winner. Well, I try this game and just can say that this one is an awesome game with nice graphic

I love food. So, try this game and already liked it. This game called Dessert Chain.

If you like to play management cafe or shop or maybe a restaurant, you can try this one. The first time you play, you should try to help the owner to cook, create, and manage dessert in this shop. You can see coffee, cake, donut, and another recipe.


in this game is,

  • This cafe has a menu like Coffe, Cake, Froyo Yoghurt, Cudo (Cute Donut), and Cendol. One shop has 40 level. And you should try to get 3 stars. You’ll unlock Froyo at level 8, Cendol at level 5, and another shop.
  • Shop
  • Vip
  • Upgrade food and decoration
  • Customer List
  • Recipes list
  • Achievement
  • Reward


like this game. This game has a smooth and nice graphic. But, sometimes this game just does nothing when I try to drag and drop food like milk, donut, or banana. Then I should play some level again from the beginning. And, if you lose your phone or delete your game then try to download again, you can’t restore your data. Still, confuse? How about you see my gameplay below,

After you play you can upgrade your food and your decoration. Then, you can buy another restaurant or shop to expand your business. Dessert

Chain, challenge foodies to play this game. Maybe you will feel hungry after playing this game.