Destiny 6, mobile game “like” Dragon Nest?

Evening people. Long time no see all of you.
I’m busy with my real life. But, I always get a new game for you.
Let’s check my new game now.
I know all of you already know a game like “Dragon Nest“, “Ragnarok” or maybe mobile game called “Seven Knight“. And right now, I see all of them in one mobile game.


6 are new mobile game from Netmarble. This game about a strategic action RPG with simple tap and drag control system (for adventure). There are 2 heroes when you get started at first. So you should try to clear adventure to find the 6 destined heroes who can help you save the world. Aw, sometimes this game reminds me of Dragon Nest.

You can control your heroes (because they move automatically) and they target the closest monster. You just “tap” your skill or “drag” skill to the enemy. Another feature is Break Skills (you should use this with perfect

timing) and Strike Skills (based on the damage you dealt and taken).

You can see map. They have many game mode. Like the tower, event dungeon, and giant dungeon.
Feel nostalgic? See my gameplay about this game below,


can try to play this game and join me in here! See ya!