Developmental Stage of Twins in Trimester 1, Mother Needs to Know


Are you pregnant with twins? Before giving birth, let’s first identify the stages of development of twin fetuses in the first trimester.

Being pregnant with twins is different from being pregnant with one child. Reproductive Endocrinologist Amanda Kallen, MD, says that pregnant women or pregnant women can have more intense pregnancy symptoms when carrying twins. Complications are also more common in multiple pregnancies.

“When you are pregnant with twins, your body will produce more pregnancy hormones, especially human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This can cause early pregnancy symptoms to be more intense,” Kallen said Medical News Today.

Some of the signs of being pregnant with twins are:

  • Weight gain, especially in early pregnancy
  • Appetite increases
  • Intensity morning sickness increase
  • Symptoms are more intense than previous pregnancies or singleton pregnancies
  • Feel the different fetal movements in the abdomen

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Stages of development of twin fetuses

The development of twin fetuses in each trimester is different, Mom. Citing various sources, here are the stages of fetal development in the 1st trimester:

3rd week

Each non-identical or fraternal twin develops from a different fertilized egg (zygote). Each has its own placenta and amniotic sac, Mom.

Entering the gestational age of 3 weeks, each zygote has developed and consists of several cells called blastocysts. In fraternal twins, for example, they will have different chromosomes but may or may not be of the same sex.

Well, in identical twins, one egg is fertilized and split into two, resulting in two embryos. Both placentas will divide and may not have their own amniotic sac. Meanwhile, the chromosomes and gender will be the same.

4th week

In the 4th week, the fetus has become an embryo consisting of two layers of cells, in which all organs and body parts will develop. This stage is called embryonic, which is where all the organs and critical body structures are formed.

A bud grows where the arms and legs will develop, the heart forms, and the tube that will contain the brain and spinal cord prepares to form. By week 5, each embryo will have an amniotic sac and a placenta.

5th to 8th week

During this period, mothers who are pregnant with twins generally begin to experience morning sickness. This happens because of an increase in pregnancy hormones.

From the 5th to the 8th week, blood is being pumped through the fetal heart. Two distinct amniotic sacs have formed, as have the twins’ heads, feet, and umbilical cords.

Around week 6, the baby’s spinal cord and brain develop. Meanwhile, at week 8, twins already have bent arms and legs, Mother. Fingers and toes, as well as sex organs are being formed.

The baby’s spinal cord is starting to form, and the nerve cells in their brain are branching out to connect with one another. All of the baby’s major organs, including the lungs, have begun to develop.

9th to 13th week

Entering the 13th week, the development of the twin fetuses began to increase because both of them were already actively moving. The hands are able to make fists, and the fingers are starting to form like bumps with growing nails.

In this week, the baby’s face is also starting to form with the nose, eyes, and upper lip starting to develop. The eyelids are visible covering the eyes and the tips of the teeth have grown in the gums. Fetal head already looks big.

TwinsIllustration of Twin Fetus/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The risk of getting pregnant with twins

Multiple pregnancies can increase the risk of pregnancy and delivery complications, Mother. The following complications can occur when pregnant with twins:

  1. Premature birth or less than 37 weeks. This is the most common complication because the placenta may have developed but the fetus has little room to grow.
  2. Preeclampsia, which is a condition that causes a sudden rise in blood pressure. This condition can make early labor occur.
  3. Gestational diabetes is diabetes associated with pregnancy can cause twin fetuses to grow large.
  4. Vanishing twin syndrome, namely the condition of one twin dies in the womb and the body absorbs part or all of it. According to a 2021 review, vanishing twin syndrome occurs in 36 percent of all twin pregnancies.
  5. Stillbirth or stillbirth can sometimes result in one fetus being stillborn and another still being born.

Treatment in pregnant with twins

After knowing the stages of development of twins, you need to understand the care during pregnancy. There are several differences in the treatment of conceiving twins with singleton pregnancies. Here are 6 important forms of care when pregnant with twins:

  1. More frequent prenatal consultations or visits to the doctor
  2. Do ultrasound more often to check the position and development of the twin fetuses
  3. Eat more calories
  4. Take preventive steps to reduce the risk of complications, such as maintaining a healthy diet or exercising
  5. Doing exercises to strengthen core and spine muscles
  6. Taking certain medications or supplements as prescribed by a doctor

When you are pregnant with twins, you need to be extra careful. Reduce strenuous activity and don’t be shy to ask your husband for help.

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