Dewi Nur Aisyah’s S3 Success Tips in England, Bringing Children Without a Caregiver


The role of a housewife (IRT) Of course it’s not easy, Mother. But for Dewi Nur Aisyah, S.KM, M.Sc, PhD, DIC, a woman who later became an IRT can still be empowered and useful for the community.

Now, Dewi already has three children, Mother. While serving as Head of the Data and Information Technology Division of the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, this doctoral graduate in the UK is pregnant with her third child and continues to work until she gives birth.

Dewi has been on the task force since the beginning of the formation of the Task Force, on March 25, 2020. During the first three months, her second child was only 1.5 years old. Because the call of the state involved the lives of many people, he first asked permission from his parents, husband, and children.

“Allow Mother to serve the country. Because of the consequences at that time, coming in the morning and going home can be at 12 at night, or at 1 at night,” recalled Dewi Nur Aisyahin online seminars Awesome Mom: Growing, Creating, and Meaningon Sunday (11/14/2021).

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In the event that was held by the Community of Mothers 1011, Dewi also said that the conditions of the Task Force at that time were very hectic, Mother. Jobs that are usually completed within a month, they must be completed in a day.

The duties of Dewi and her team include making Ministerial Instructions to Circulars of the Task Force Chair. In the middle of duty, it turns out that Dewi is pregnant with her third child and continues to work. In fact, five days after give birth tohe has presented at the national coordination meeting.

“I understand that I must be tired. I know how it feels after giving birth, stressed, very tired, the baby is still crying, sleeps a little at night. But, it is part of my commitment,” she said.

Yes, Dewi considers that part of her passion and dedication to the task of the state. When he is committed to giving the best for the nation, under any circumstances he will do it, Mother.

“The head of the Task Force will definitely ask me to explain in front of all governors. Suddenly, the President asks for impromptu data and it takes two hours to complete. Like it or not, we are still working on it,” he said.

Wow, it turns out that busy is his job. In addition to her experience working in the Task Force, Dewi also shared her struggle to complete her doctoral studies in England. She was accompanied by her husband and brought their first child. Without a nanny you know, Mother.

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