Difference between Manage and Unmanage on VPS Services

Maybe you’ve heard that there are various types of VPS, there are Manage VPS and Unmanage VPS. Do you know the difference between each of these VPS? And which VPS should you use when buying a VPS? Let’s find out the information here!

Eitss before continuing about the difference between Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS, do you know what a VPS is? VPS is a physical server that is divided into virtual servers using virtualization technology to share physical server resources. To find out more about the meaning of VPS, you can visit the link.

Explanation of Manage VPS

Managed VPS is a VPS where all VPS related issues are handled by the hosting provider, so managed VPS services are almost like shared hosting services in general. So just use your VPS service without having to have trouble setting up your VPS to get your website online.

So when you buy a VPS manage, most vps providers will help you set up and manage your VPS. For example, Technical support and guidance on servers, applications and OS as well as server maintenance and monitoring, And many other things.

For those of you who don’t have the technical ability to manage servers, managed VPS is the solution for those of you who want to use a VPS. So for those of you who have little or no knowledge about server settings and configurations and applications, you should use a VPS.

Advantages of Manage VPS

If it is said about the advantages of using VPS manage, then there are many advantages that you can get when buying a VPS on this one. In this deployment, the points mentioned are not always not always included in the VPS manage provider, but become the provisions of the VPS provider itself.

Advantages of using VPS Manage:

  1. Technical support and guidance on servers, applications and OS. So you don’t have to worry about your VPS configuration and settings.
  2. Backup Server, VPS Manage providers usually support server backups. But you have to do your own backup to be used as a backup if the VPS provider doesn’t have the latest backup.
  3. 24×7 Server Monitoring and Technical Support, so that when a VPS suddenly encounters a problem and cannot be accessed, the technical team can help to restore the VPS, so your VPS can guarantee 99.99% uptime.
  4. Software updates and upgrades and security patches. Software updates and upgrades and server security are delegated to the trained experts of the VPS provider
  5. Server maintenance and monitoring is cost-effective because it gives you more time to handle other tasks.

Disadvantages of Manage VPS

If you are looking for the lack of Manage VPS, maybe very few, you may even not be able to find the shortcomings of this VPS. But one thing that is a bit of a problem is that the price is more expensive than Unmanage VPS.

Price is an obstacle for people to use a managed VPS. Besides being quite expensive in Indonesia, there are still few who provide this one VPS. If price isn’t an issue, a managed VPS is a must-buy.

Unmanage VPS Explanation

Unmanage VPS is a VPS in which all responsibility for managing the VPS is taken from the provider and placed on the customer. So all matters whether managing or maintaining are the responsibility of the user.

The customer will be responsible for everything on the VPS. From server settings, application configuration to VPS monitoring. The VPS provider’s responsibility ends with providing a network connection and virtualization platform.

Unmanaged VPS is not recommended for beginners or those who do not have technical knowledge of System Administrator. Due to the myriad needs and services such as LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP), WordPress CMS and configuring features like SSL certificate, Firewall, CDN, site backup and DNS settings among many other aspects.

Advantages of Unmanaged VPS

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What are the advantages of Unmanaged VPS? This VPS has several advantages including lower prices, freedom to use technology for VPS, and experience in managing a server.

Since customers handle most of the workload, Unmanage VPS plans tend to be cheaper than Manage VPS plans. This is indeed feasible because all technical settings regarding VPS tend to be managed by the customer.

When you use an Unmanaged VPS you are free to apply technology to your VPS. Although most VPS manage providers provide custom according to customer wishes, they cannot be as flexible as managing and determining the technology used in VPS.

In addition, if you are a beginner who is learning to use an unmanaged VPS, then you have experience in managing a VPS.

Disadvantages of Unmanaged VPS

Since the unmanaged VPS is the responsibility of the user, the customer needs sufficient knowledge in setting up, maintaining and monitoring the VPS. And it’s not ideal for users or beginners who are non-technical and don’t know about system administrators.

Because it is self-managed, then server monitoring will be the user’s task. Any VPS problems such as service/apps errors will be the user’s responsibility to fix. Server uptime is not guaranteed 99.99% because of this.

Difference between Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS

Antra managed and Unmanage VPS actually have no difference, the only difference is the services provided by VPS providers to customers. If you know the difference between Managed VP and Unmanage VPS, see the table below

Manage VPS Unmanage VPS
Ease of Use Very easy Quite difficult
Price More expensive Cheaper
Technical Support VPS Provider Support Without Provider Support
Software & Security Updates Assisted VPS Provider Done Personally
Server Uptime Guarantee 99.99% Uptime Does Not Guarantee 99.99% Uptime
Server Backup VPS Provider and Personal Personal

Which is Better, Manage VPS vs Unmanage VPS?

If you ask which one is better between Manage and Unmanage, both are equally good. To find out, see from the perspective of each user. Here’s the information

We recommend using Manage VPS, If you are a beginner who doesn’t know the technicalities of servers and you want to minimize the risk of misconfiguration and speed up processing time, guaranteed server uptime, and more secure, then a managed VPS is the choice.

We recommend using Unmanag VPS, If you are someone who understands server technicalities and doesn’t want to spend more to manage servers.

You can choose to use the managed or unmanaged ones, but mimin has a recommendation for the best Indonesian VPS, this VPS is perfect for beginners and non-beginners, namely VPS X from Jagian Hosting.

The problem of ease of use of VPS X is not kidding, even though it is unmanageable but you can control your VPS more easily on your VPS panel. Good for installing OS or apps and software. So your Unmanage VPS feels like a managed VPS that you just use without having to bother with setting problems.

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From the price point of view, VPS X is a VPS that has a high score and the best price-per-performance in Indonesia. So for the price and quality of VPS X, there can be no doubt, not only no doubt but a must to use VPS X from a hosting expert.

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