Difference between UI and UX along with Definition, Components & Examples

UI UX is a familiar thing as well as very important in the development of a website and application. UI stands for User Interfacewhile UX stands for User Experience. Although they sound similar, UI and UX have different ways of working and their respective functions.

Then, what is the difference between UI and UX? Don’t get me wrong again, friend, see the explanation of Jagoan Hosting in the article below!

What is UI UX?

UI UX is a design process so that the visual appearance of a system looks beautiful and makes users feel at home for long interacting with the information you present. Of course, this doesn’t override the ease of access when they want to select something, look for an option, or move to the next page.

UI refers to the design of the user interface to facilitate the usability of the application while enhancing user experience. The hope is that the UI can turn potential visitors into buyers because it becomes a bridge for interaction between users and your web application.

When explained separately, the meaning of UI UX is as follows.

id="pengertian-ui">Understanding UI

User Interface in UI UX is a way or anything that users can interact with to use digital products or services. UI is a visual display of a website or application, it can consist of: text box, drop down listand other components to input data into the system.

Understanding UX

Design User Experience in UI UX is a process of creating products that provide the best experience for users. For example, since phones with large screens are preferred, designers have to think about how best to place the buttons.

This is because if the screen is wide enough, the button in the upper left corner will make it difficult for users to reach it with one hand. Therefore, the most optimal placement is in the lower left corner because it is easy to tap with the thumb making it easier for users.

id="komponen-dalam-ui-ux">Components in UI UX


components that make up the UI UX are as follows.

1. Architectural Information

It is a structure containing what information is needed and will be displayed to the user through the application design.

2. Design Interaction

Interaction in the form of sliding or pressing the menu is important to support the design because it can reflect user habits.

3. Functionality

Functionality or usability is an assessment of how easy an application is to use. It is important to evaluate the design and make changes according to the wishes of the user.

4. Prototype

Prototype is an important component for manufacturing layout before being developed into software.

5. Visual Design

The components that must exist in UI UX are visual designs in the form of colors, fonts, styles, and so on so that they can give an idea of ​​what the application will look like later.

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Why is UI UX Important?

There are several reasons why UI UX is an important component in developing a website, which are as follows.

1. Build Company Branding

Display UI UX is one aspect that will show the advantages of the company’s image. In addition, it also reflects your business identity.

2. Increase Sales and Business

An attractive design and easy-to-understand display can make visitors interested in buying products or using your company’s services. Thus, sales also increase.

3. Increase User Satisfaction with Products

Some users tend to uninstall an application whose design is less attractive or makes them confused. It’s different if you optimize the UI and UX, surely user satisfaction will increase because the display and how to use it is easy.

Difference between UI and UX

UI UX are two kinds of designs that support the performance of a website in order to be able to make visitors do something action the purchase or use of a company’s services. However, there are some differences between the two, which are as follows.

1. Design Components


is a design on a visual display so that it is composed of colors, images, videos, typography, and so on. This is different from UX which focuses on structure, navigation, features, interfaces, and copywriting.

2. Design Process

The difference between the UI UX design process is in the way it is designed. A UI designer will usually create a mockup or mockup first. This is different from UX which is designed through prototypes and wireframes, namely a blueprint framework.

3. Design Goals

Another fundamental difference from UI UX is the purpose for which it is used. The UI of a product is used to beautify the appearance, while the UX is oriented in providing ease of use so that it will leave user experience pleasant and satisfied customers.

4. Required Skills

The next difference in UI UX is in skills required. A UI Designer usually must have the ability creative thinking, graphic designand branding. Whereas UX designer focuses on analytical skills, research, problem solvingand critical thinking.

5. Tools Required

The tools required for these two types of designs are also different. UI designers usually use design apps interface such as MockFlow, Figma, and so on. Meanwhile, to create UX designs, prototyping applications such as Sketch or Mockplus are used.

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UI and UX, Which is More Important?

Good UX can make user more aware of a website so as to create customer loyalty. A UI UX Designer, Helga Moreno, argues that a website that is great but difficult to use is an example of a good UI but poor UX.

Meanwhile, if a website or application is very useful but looks bad, then it has a bad UI. Therefore, it can be concluded that UI UX is an important element that must be used in a balanced way to achieve the success of an application.

Example of UI UX

An example of implementing UI UX is in digital wallet applications such as OVO, Dana, and LinkAja. All three have different UI designs that highlight the colors of each brand. OVO uses the dominant color purple, Dana is blue, and LinkAja features red.

All three have UX elements in the form of features barcode scanning to pay as well as the payment flow to which each page is directed. This will make it easier for users to transact.

UI UX Designer Tasks

After knowing what UI UX is, also know the tasks of UI UX Designers, which are as follows.

1. UX Research

A UX designer must conduct research through surveys and interviews and then process it quantitatively and qualitatively to understand what services users need in an application.

2. Create Information Architecture

Information architecture is the process of compiling several parts of a website or application structure to determine the concept of a product. The materials used in this process are the results of UX research through card sorting or sorting buyer personas.

3. Creating Wireframes

Furthermore, one of the tasks of a UI UX Designer is to create a wireframe or visual sketch of a product to show the flow of information to the user.

4. Manage UX Flows

A UX designer must also create a flow of using a service in an application so that users feel comfortable when using it and developers can develop their products.

5. Create a UX Design Prototype

You also need to create a design prototype using the MockPlus application, Invision, and other UX applications according to the wireframe and flow that has been created.

6. Create a Design System

The design system is a collaboration between developers and the UI team, through designing and creating library components using CSS, Javascript, or HTML.

7. Designing the UI

UI design is an implementation of wireframes that have been created and then beautified with color combinations, transitions, typography, and so on using Photoshop, Sketch App, Adobe Illustrator, and so on.

8. Product Development Process by Developer

The next stage in making a UI UX design is development by developers with collaboration between UI and UX Designers.

9. Design Usability Test

After a design is realized in the form of a product, it must be tested before release. This process aims so that the design is truly able to accommodate all user interests.

That’s a complete discussion about UI UX to the differences between the two. How about you, friend, are you more interested in becoming a successful UI UX designer in the future? If so, don’t forget to also learn the techniques development others through various Jagoan Hosting articles. Come on, check now!