Digital Wedding Invitation Template Free Download

Digital Wedding Invitation Template Free Download

free digital wedding invitation template

In this digital era, most people rely on their gadgets to do many things. Mobile phones are now not just for fun, they can help work online, study, simplify payments and much more.

Not to be outdone, modern wedding invitations, which used to only use a piece of paper, which we then spread out, are now developing again Digital wedding invitation.

A video wedding invitation slide show it will be easier and more practical to tell a wedding reception to friends through social media. Seeing that Instagram is now one of the most popular social media among young people, we can take advantage of this platform.

In some areas this may be less effective, because no one uses and has an Instagram account, we can also share via Facebook but not necessarily they are always online. Then we can use this Digital Wedding Invitation for additional benefits.

Free Download Digital Wedding Invitation Template

For those of you who are curious as to what digital invitations we can edit starting from the name, time, address, add audio and others, it’s very easy just using PowerPoint.

1. After downloading before opening the template file, install the Font first, then open the invitation template with Power point. You can edit NameWedding date, and Address.

digital wedding invitation template

2. Tab Insert to add Audio or other elements such as photos.

Digital Wedding Invitation Template Free Download

3. Tab Animation to add animation effects to each object

Digital Wedding Invitation Template Free Download

4. To export and save in the form of .mp4 .wmv Video,

Click File > Save & Send > Create a video > then click Create Video > select a place to save the video results and click Save, wait for the process to complete.

Digital Wedding Invitation Template Free Download
PowerPoint 2010

You can post the results of this digital wedding invitation video on Instagram, WhatsApp stories, Facebook or other social media.

A Business Opportunity

Knowing this, this is actually a great opportunity for millennials to open a new business for making Digital Wedding Invitations at rates of up to tens of thousands per video.

For this reason, we also provide hundreds of digital invitation templates of various kinds of traditional Indonesian models at affordable prices Inexpensive. You can use it for yourself, to learn and later be able to open a digital wedding invitation service business.

Check details and prices, click below.

Be the first to open an invitation video business in your city before your competitors start first. Opportunity only comes once 🙂

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