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Before you read the menu and the full service at ZONAMAHASISWA.ID it is necessary for you to read all the services we provide as the rules of the game that apply and are determined by CV. Sans Groupas a publishing company ZONAMAHASISWA.ID

ZONAMAHASISWA.ID is not responsible for the non-delivery of data/information submitted by readers through various types of communication channels (e-mail, SMS, comments, online registration) due to technical errors that were unexpected and previously submitted.

ZONAMAHASISWA.ID has the right to load, not load, edit, and/or delete data/information submitted by readers.

Information and data contained in ZONAMAHASISWA.ID is a mere reference/reference, and ZONAMAHASISWA.ID is not responsible if the data and information is used for other purposes, such as gambling, propaganda, campaigns, and so on. Even so, Tim ZONAMAHASISWA.ID present data and information as accurately as possible in accordance with the rules of journalism and shade companies ZONAMAHASISWA.ID. All teams and website page managers who provide data and information are not responsible for any errors, delays in updating data and information as well as any losses arising from actions related to the use of data or information presented by ZONAMAHASISWA.ID.

ZONAMAHASISWA.ID may provide links to other sites, these links do not indicate that ZONAMAHASISWA.ID approve the other party’s site. You agree and acknowledge that ZONAMAHASISWA.ID is not responsible for the content or any other material on the other party’s site.

ZONAMAHASISWA.ID reserves the right to make changes to other provisions based on any evaluation results deemed necessary. So, if there are changes, we will include them on this website and if deemed necessary we will send them via e-mail.

Student Zone Journalists are strictly prohibited from requesting and receiving any compensation from resource persons while carrying out their duties. Resource persons who feel aggrieved by the Student Zone journalists can contact the Editor in Chief or can directly contact the number below: 087701721974.

ZONAMAHASISWA.ID also not responsible if there are parties or online media websites that use the name of the word ZONE both at the beginning and behind it, who are not in the same group as ZONAMAHASISWA.ID under the auspices of CV. Sans Group.

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