Discussing What is the Kotoamatsukami Genjutsu Technique

Shisui Uchiha is a shinobi from the village of Konoha who belongs to the Uchiha clan. Now because he is part of the Uchiha clan, of course he has the Sharingan and is an expert in illusion. One of the strongest Genjutsu techniques is Shisui Uchiha’s Kotoamatsukami. Therefore, on this occasion Dafunda Otaku wants to discuss what the Kotoamatsukami Genjutsu technique is.

But you need to know, the owner of the Kotoamatsukami technique, Shisui Uchiha, was dead, before Itachi Uchiha massacred the Uchiha clan. In addition, we also want to inform that Dafunda Otaku has previously discussed interesting facts about Shisui Uchiha.

The following is a discussion of what the Kotoamatsukami technique is

As usual, before getting into the discussion, we would like to inform you that this article draws on information from existing sources. Still curious? Alright, let’s start the discussion.

Genjutsu Kotoamatsukami

Genjutsu Kotoamatsukami
Genjutsu Kotoamatsukami ©Masashi Kishimoto, Pierrot


we will briefly discuss this technique. So according to the information we got Kotoamatsukami is one of the high-level Genjutsu that Shisui Uchiha is relying on.

Then this Genjutsu can give orders to the target to do something. However, the person affected by the technique is not aware that he is being controlled. Of course, this technique is very strong, to the point that it can untie the Edo Tensei.

Kotoamatsukami Technique User

Kotoamatsukami Technique User
Technician ©Masashi Kishimoto, Pierrot

Next we will discuss the users of the Kotoamatsukami technique. So as we already know, the user of this technique is Shisui Uchiha, besides Shisui Uchiha, apparently there are several other characters who have used this technique.


Danzo, he once used this technique on Mifune to make him the alliance leader. But that didn’t happen because Ao immediately checked Danzo’s chakra flow. Then apart from Danzo, Itachi has also used this technique.

That is when Itachi planted a crow in Naruto before Itachi fought with Sasuke. Now when Itachi was in Edo Tensei, Itachi met with Naruto and Killer Bee, then he activated the technique, which made him escape from Edo Tensei.

Kotoamatsukami Technique Facts

Kotoamatsukami Technique Facts
Kotoamatsukami Technique Facts ©Masashi Kishimoto, Pierrot

Finally, a few facts about the Kotoamatsukami technique. So according to the information we got, this technique belongs to the category of Kekkei Genkai, Genjutsu and Dojutsu. Not only that, Itachi explained that after activating this technique it took about 10 years to use it again.


uniquely Danzo did not have to wait a long time after he used the Kotoamatsukami technique. Because this Danzo uses Hashirama’s Cell, but he can’t also use this technique several times a day.

That’s the discussion about what the Kotoamatsukami technique is. So, after reading this article, what do you think about this Genjutsu? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda Otaku.

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