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I can’t imagine how Bukit Barisan could stretch from the northern tip of Sumatra in Aceh, to the southern tip of Lampung.

I can only feel nauseous when I pass this Sumatran causeway which is definitely up and down and winding. The mountains that stretch 1600 km along Sumatra seem to be the backbone of the island of Andalas.

Let’s start from winding 44 in Agam Regency, West Sumatra. Kelok Ampek Twenty Ampek if the Minang people call it.

This winding 44 is a winding road from the edge of the Maninjau lake below to the top of the hill towards Bukittinggi. The turns are broken, like Anisa bahar being given dangut koplo *eh*. I don’t know what happened to the calves of the cyclists tour de singkarak can pass through this steep broken bend.

Lake Maninjau
From the shores of Maninjau
Don’t forget to stop at Kelok 34 to enjoy the view with a cup of coffee and a fried banana.
I don’t know what this building is.
The scenery along the winding way is a bit cloudy.

The case is different with the 9th bend. There are fewer turns, but the construction is much more powerful. Nine turns to cross us through steep valleys that are difficult to make a road on the side. The previous Kelok 9 already exists, but it is too narrow and often causes traffic jams on the road between the provinces of West Sumatra and Riau.

The one below is the old winding 9, the new one is the new twisting 9 flyover. Imagine if two big buses passed around the corner, it would cause traffic jams!
View from the car
Be stylish first, bro, so it’s not called a hoax *shy*
Bonus photo from above. Photo by indonesia.travel

Actually, I don’t really feel like moving provinces through the Sumatran route. I’ve just tasted a few ‘miniatures’ in West Sumatra, which is famous for its deadly twists along its trajectory. Because I’m a bit weak (easy to get sick) with road trips, I actually don’t want to go by road at all — let alone through Sumatra. However, the curiosity of having tasted a bit of landscapes beautiful along the road, across Sumatra from the north to the south has entered my bucket list!

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