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That’s the most frequently asked question by netizens who are planning a vacation to where Naruto and Doraemon live.

The answer, yes, depends.

Depends on where you want to go, how long it takes, how much money you are willing to spend, and of course it depends on whether you go with him or not… #eh

You can actually count yourself, can you worth it to spend around 3.7 rupiah with the mode of transportation that you will use for 7 days

For example, the Tokyo Shinkansen to Kyoto or Osaka is around 1.6 -1.8 million rupiah. Round trip already 3.6 million. It’s the same price as the JR pass, right?

But if you stay in one city. Or your ticket goes to Osaka, then returns via Tokyo, and only takes the Shinkansen once. Of course not worth it this JR pass.

Not to mention that the JR pass can be used for several inner city train and bus routes. The point is, as long as it’s a train from the Japan Railways (JR) company, you can use it. There are some exceptions though. But mostly you can use it to go to popular places for tourism.

How to use JR pass

Well before that, you have to exchange the voucher that you bought at the nearest JR office. The officer will ask when the JR pass will be activated.

I bought a JR pass at HIS travel because he is always ready stock. Unlike other travel agents who have to wait a few days.

In fact, I bought the JR pass the day before I left haha! On the web, it can’t be done suddenly, just try to order at the earliest date and follow up via email or phone.

After exchanging with the original JR pass, you can start exploring Japan. Oh yes, this JR pass is available for 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days.

How to use it, you just show the JR pass to the officer at the ticket gate. So this ticket cannot use an automatic gate. You have to show the manual to the officer, then you just have to enter the platform of the train you want to ride.

If you don’t have a seat reservation, please enter a non-reserved train. Usually trains number 1-5. Just read it on the bulletin board.

Reservations are also possible. Free! Before entering the platform, visit the JR office and state the name of the train you want to take, departure time, and which seat you want to sit in.

Later the officer will give you a ticket with the train number and seat number written on it. This ticket still cannot be inserted into the gates of the machine. Keep going to the officer and show your JR pass.

Some trains must be reserved, such as when I was from Tokyo to Sapporo. The train from Tokyo to Shin Hakodate is a shinkansen, but the connecting train from Shin Hakodate to Sapporo is a limited express that does not have a non-reserved car. So make sure you make a reservation in advance at the nearest JR office.

Where can I go with a JR pass?

You can travel around Japan from end to end. Literally.

Do you want to go from Tokyo to Hokkaido and then continue to Osaka in a day? No problem.

It’s the same as you from Jakarta – Surabaya – Jakarta in a day

Anyway, as long as it’s a JR train line, you can use a JR pass. Including airport trains Narita express, Keisei Skyliner, or Haruka express.

The Shinkansen is a train owned by the Japan Railways company. The Yamanote line in Tokyo has JR, so you can use it with a JR pass..

Trains that are not allowed include the Nozomi Shinkansen, the most express shinkansen train with the fewest stops. Several long-distance JR express buses and some limited express routes such as Aomori to Hachinohe.

Still very expensive, is there a cheaper one??

Why is there? Japan railways are the nation-wide ones. All of Japan. There are also those that are only available, for example, the JR west pass for the JR west trains, and the JR east trains for the east only.

An example of an itinerary for going to Japan using a JR pass?

For 7 days, or the first time to Japan, I recommend you to tokyo – kyoto – osaka – tokyo.

For those who have been to Kyoto/Osaka, you can try going north. Tohoku area to Hokkaido.

This is a video when I took the shinkansen from Tokyo to Sapporo city on Hokkaido Island. It’s not really a shinkansen though, when in shin-hakodate you change to a regular train

So, this JR pass can really save your transportation costs while in Japan. With a note that you do visit several cities by Shinkansen. If it’s combined with a bus or plane, it doesn’t feel too necessary, especially if you go to Japan on a budget.

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