DO NOT DO IT! 6 Big Mistakes in Building a Brand

Aqua, Danone, Ponds, Nike, Swiss Army, and many more are some examples of big brands that are already familiar to our ears. They were built not overnight, nor in a year or two. They have made various mistakes in the brand, such as logos that have been changed many times to promotional techniques that use many ways.

Brand has become a necessity that must be owned by a business that wants to develop. Especially for online businesses, brands have a very important role to support the quality of their business promotion efforts in various online media.

As an entrepreneur, of course you want to have a brand that is widely known, easy to remember and will even be immediately searched for when anyone needs a product like the one you sell. But sometimes decisions in business membranes often bring our business even more unknown. There are times when our businesses fail repeatedly because of mistakes made during branding.

But don’t worry, as long as you don’t do these 6 things, your business brand will still be safe.

1. Make customers the orientation, not competitors


certainly want to create the best product that is different from the others. We also want to own and sell products that are far better than our competitors. Whatever they have, we have as much as possible better than them.

But is it good for our business? Not always, because the biggest orientation in a business should be CUSTOMERS, not COMPETITORS. You do business for customers, no longer just to satisfy the desire to beat the competition. Make your brand a medium to provide benefits and solutions for customers, not just to show that they are better than competitors.


is this for? Of course to provide a sense of comfort and trust to your customers. When you say that your business will serve them 24 hours 7 days a week. So prove it. Although there are many out there who also provide 24/7 service like you, make sure that your service is aimed at providing the best for customers. Like which consistently and continuously provides the BEST service to customers. In addition to continuous 24/7 service, the response time provided is also very fast, a maximum of 3 minutes. Isn’t this very profitable for those who also run an online business?


so, you should still make efforts to analyze how your competitors are doing. That way you can look for different ways and provide more to your customers.

2. Does not define focus

Every successful brand that dominates the market is one that focuses on providing solutions to the problems around it. They are able to explain to the public how their products can solve the problems they are facing.

Like WordPress Hosting Indonesia from What was created ESPECIALLY for WordPress userss.

The goal is clear, to make it easier and help website owners focus on developing their websites. And for all WordPress matters they have been taken care of by WordPress Hosting. So for anyone who has WordPress and wants convenience, practicality but with OPTIMAL quality, then WordPress Hosting the solution.

As entrepreneurs, we need to make sure that the company has a purpose and focus to aim for in developing their products. This is also useful when we want to determine where we want to compete with our competitors in the future. At the same time determine how the right way to compete.

3. Thinking that names are not important

Did you know that brands around the world are known not only by their products, but by their names and logos. It’s rare for a company to come up with a playful business name. They must have considered a name for their business.

It’s not just a name that has good meaning, but it’s also easy for them to brand, and it’s easy for their customers to remember and look for it again.

id="4-tidak-menggunakan-konten-visual-yang-kuat">4. Not using strong visual content

This is an era where people will find it easier to understand something from visual content. More than just text content that was popular in the era before the internet. Using visual content such as images and videos is very effective.

Which brands now don’t use it to promote their products. Ranging from food products, automotive to beauty. All take advantage of online media and visual content to further strengthen their product branding.

5. Assume that your new brand will be on the air fast

No one can guarantee that the new brand that you put out will be quickly recognized and more popular than your previous product. Even though you seem to have millions of customers who know your product first. But for your new product, of course there must be a better promotional effort than before. In fact you have to make sure that the way you do it is much bigger.

You need to introduce, explain and ensure that your brand new product will stick in the hearts of customers. You can start by creating advertisements that will help you brand your latest product.

6. Expand your brand

Once your brand starts to take off, you need to make sure that your audience or customers will help expand your market. Like McD, which is still flying even though they add many product variants in their service. They are still able to maintain an existence in the market with a name that has long been known and remembered by customers.

So, if it’s like this, is the way you’ve been doing so far correct and has brought your business to be more known and easier for customers to remember? If you still haven’t, then it’s time for you to slightly change the way you promote your brand in a way that makes it easier for you to reach many customers and increase your turnover to tens of millions every week.

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