Do You Know What is Product Marketing?

Have you heard of PRODUCT MARKETING. Maybe marketing is one of the jobs you are currently doing. But one problem is understanding what is meant by product marketing. Or now maybe you will look for it on a search engine like Google for what product marketing really means.

This difficulty may occur because product marketing is one of the functions of work that is directly related to product, marketing or sales. Besides having to know what it means, we also have to understand what to do with product marketing.

There are three main parts of each marketing channel, such as:

Do You Know What is Product Marketing?

– Attract, such as (Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Writing, Design)

– Concerts, such as (Optimization: LPs, CTAs, Workflows, Analytics, Lead Scoring)

– Close, such as (Product expert, teacher/trainer, user testing, messaging, persuasion)

OK, what does that mean?

Product marketing do things like define and write targets, and also create messages for new products or features you create. Product marketing is also the way we think about how to drive customer demand and use of new products or features. In addition, product marketing also thinks about the market and competition.

Then how to help the sales team sell more products and make a lot of closes in each offer. Here it is divided into 3 parts for this method, namely:

Do You Know What is Product Marketing?


B – BE


So overall, product marketing is more focused on marketing aimed at customers from each prospect and also the business leads that we have.

We can say that,


And, here are the opinions of some experts in the field of marketing:

1. “Product marketing is at the crossroads of every product team in a company. Our job is to bring the product to market. Including everything such as the target and also the message of the product to be delivered. We also make sure until the product launch, making sure every marketing team understands how to tell and explain their product. And make sure every customer to understand how to use it” – Meghan Anderson (VP Marketing, Hubspot)

2. “Product Marketing is both the art and science of telling people what our products can do for them in order to attract, change and influence them.” – Hiten SHAH (Co Founder of Crazy Egg and KISSMetrics)

3. “Product Marketing is all about understanding what people want, so we can make great products for them” – ROB GO(Co-founder, NextView Ventures Former Product Marketer at Ebay)

4. “Product Marketing is the art of creating desire for your products and understanding your customers deeply. So you can answer 2 important questions addressed to customers: Why your product and Why now?” – ARS LOFGREN(Director of growth, I will teach you to be rich, former director of griwth, KISSMetrics)

5. “Product Marketing is responsible for developing a unique value proposition from each offering that the company provides, which will then help bring value to later become leads for the company. The foundation for developing this value starts with understanding the company’s potential buyers and the unique needs we can address.” – CHRIS LITSTER (Chief revenue officer, constant contact)

Well, although everyone’s opinion and understanding is different, there are some things that make it a little clearer. That is, product marketing was created to be able to UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMERS.

Then what should be done by product marketing?

Before launching the product

Product marketing will usually do: positioning, messaging, customer development and finding the right market strategy for their products.

After product launch

Product marketing will help empower sales, focus on driving demand, to create the overall success of the product.

Well, how? Have you started to understand and understand what is meant by product marketing, right? Because product and marketing are not things that can be separated just like that. Both can have a great meaning when combined into a single unit. ️