Doctor Confesses Up 50 Kg While Pregnant, Now Healed from Obesity & Heart Disease


Excess weight can make anyone feel confident. Especially when you are faced with obesity after pregnancy and childbirth. It seems, the body is very difficult to return to normal.

A doctor named Mutiara Sangaji was once trapped in that condition, Mother. Not only obese, he was also sentenced to suffer from heart failure after giving birth or Peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM).

PPCM is a condition of heart failure that can occur in the last month of pregnancy until after delivery. Although rare, this disorder can be dangerous for pregnant women and those who have just given birth.

The incident began when Mutiara Sangaji underwent her second pregnancy. At that time, he was given more sustenance by carrying twins, Mother. However, she has a body condition that is very easy to gain weight since menstruation.

“I’ve often been obese. Since I was a child, when I was menstruating, it was due to hormonal disturbances, my appetite increased. When I was in middle school, I was very fat. Then I went on a diet from the age of 17 until I got married, my body was ideal,” said Mutiara to HiMom, recently.

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In her first pregnancy, Mutiara again gained 35 kilograms of weight. But he can get through it and return to his ideal body shape. Then she became obese again in her second pregnancy. His weight increased by 50 kilograms.

“When I was pregnant, I was the type of person who got pregnant and if I don’t eat, it’s innate eneg. So I ate it all the time, and when I was pregnant with twins I was really hungry maybe because it had two contents. It was really bad at the time,” he said.

Being obese during pregnancy makes Mutiara so tormented. He even had trouble sleeping at night. Her condition worsened after entering the third trimester. Mutiara was no longer able to walk far. He feels congested and tired easily, Mother.

Luckily, Mutiara managed to give birth to her two babies safely. The twins were born healthy. But the bad thing happened to the mother.

“After giving birth, why are there still symptoms of shortness of breath, yes, if you take a shower, you are really tired. I thought that after giving birth it would go away, but it still feels the same. Small activities feel like running a marathon,” she shared.

Symptoms of shortness of breath that continued until after giving birth made Mutiara even more suspicious. Until finally, the peak of severity occurred one night. Read on the next page, Mother.

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