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Located in Gostomel, near Kyiv, less than five miles from Gostomel airport – now a battlefield. The animal shelter has been rocked by three shootings so far. The four people who run the shelter seek to keep more than 700 animals alive, including dogs and cats, and enlist public support through their unique fundraiser.

However, that seems unlikely as electricity and water at the shelter have been cut off for more than a month now – and supplies are very limited.

Writing on their website, staff at Gostomel Shelter said: “We desperately need food for our dogs and cats because the invaders have surrounded us.

“We’ve been shot three times and it’s impossible to make a food delivery.”

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Hundreds of animals are trapped in shelters, suffering constant attacks, as there is no green corridor to evacuate them.

The shelters are under blockade because roads and bridges are damaged between Kyiv and Gostomel – and they have no access to supplies.


shelter staff have rescued many pets left behind by Ukrainians who fled their homes.

Trapped in the line of fire, many of the dogs in the shelter have been killed.

The shelter has also suffered over £20,000 of property damage and is now in dire need of donations, to save the animals.

Kyiv-based PR agency Bickerstaff came up with the idea to spread the word and collect as many donations as possible.

They recorded “every feed, bark, and sniff” the dogs made, distributing it to musicians who encouraged them to incorporate sound into the song.


a website dedicated to the project, the shelter asked hip-hop artists to participate and requested recordings to create beats for their songs.

Reaching out to the musicians, the team said: “Gostomel puppies are tough guys.

“They are street children, they have seen life and know how it smells, tastes and costs.”

They added: “We think that the only real street children from Gostomel can experience are street children around the world.

“We mean all the dumbest rappers.”

The team has shared videos on social media showing how sound can be turned into music, so that it can then be published on music platforms.

They asked the musicians to then donate part or all of the income from the songs to the shelter.

As for other types of donations, the shelter really needs fuel for generators to supply electricity and water.

They also call on people to volunteer to help at the shelter, or bring in dog and cat food, as they need around 3,000 – 5,000 kg per month.

Finally, they asked for food and water for their own team of volunteers.

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