Dolphin MMJ Emulator Apk Download Latest Version for Android

Dolphin MMJ Emulator Apk Download Latest Version for Android

download dolphin emulator apk

Hello everyone, this time we will introduce an emulator called Dolphin MMJ which can be run on Android devices offline. This emulator is the same as PPSSPP which we can fill in various light games, definitely a recommendation for mid-spec phones. Even so we can also set the preferred HD + resolution for high-spec Android users to produce a smoother display.

A little info that we should know that Dolphin MMJ is a GameCube and Nintendo Wii application created and developed by Zhang Wei. If you have seen the official Dolphine application on the Play Store, if this custom Dolphin Mmj is designed, it continues to be developed to improve game compatibility performance. Not surprisingly, the results are able to boost more than three times.

The presence of the latest version is nothing but to support users to feel comfortable and satisfied when playing games. Several improvements to performance and compatibility were made with the Nintendo Wii console as well as the newly designed game cube.

We tried the Need for Speed ​​game on the Dolphin Mmj Emulator using a Xiaomi android smartphone with a spec of 2 GB RAM Snapdragon 665, the performance is quite stable. Moreover, if you use Android with more specifications than we have, of course you can set 1080p 60 FPS to make the interface more beautiful.

Download Dolphin MMJ

File Size 8.07 MB
Android v6.0 and up
Version 5.0

Alternative link

How to download the emulator, click the button above then you will be taken to a new page. Scroll down until you find Assets 3 until the download link appears Dolphin 5.0 Apk from the choice of the new version and the old version. Then the download process will take place immediately.

Dolphin MMJ Emulator Apk Download Latest Version for Android

When finished, open the Apk file and then install the application.

Setting Tips for Low Spec Android

We also have a few tips for those of you who use medium performance Android, so that it stays smooth when playing games, by setting the resolution to the lowest size.

1. First, the three-dot menu tab in the top corner then select menu Settings

Dolphin MMJ Emulator Apk Download Latest Version for Android

2. Then you select the menu again Enhancementsthen tab Internal Resolutionyou select a setting with a size of 1x (640×528).

You first try the results of the setting by playing one of the existing games, if it feels smooth, you can increase the resolution again for softer graphics. As we have said, the higher the Internal Resolution, the better the graphics, but it will burden the phone if the specs don’t support it.

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In order to get a satisfying experience, of course, your Android cellphone needs to use a high specification, at least 4 GB of RAM. The MediaTek Helio G35 will be faster for gaming until it becomes a Pro. One example of a special cellphone that is suitable for the Xiaomi Redmi 9C game.

That’s the Dolphin MMJ Apk Emulator Download the Latest Version that you can try to install on your Android device, hopefully it’s useful.

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