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Donald Trump denounced by White House after asking Putin for information about Hunter Biden | World | News

White House spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield responded to Trump’s comments at a news conference on Wednesday, after the former president was asked about Hunter Biden’s former business dealings in Russia on the “Just the News” program.

Trump asked Putin to “release” “potentially damaging” information about Hunter Biden.

His comments have been criticized as “bad timing” given Russia’s current military actions in Ukraine.

Trump’s response to the question about Biden was: “I think Putin will know the answer.

“I think he should let it go.”

Bedingfield criticized Trump’s behavior, saying: “What kind of American, let alone a former president, think that this is the right time to enter into a scheme with Vladimir Putin and brag about his relationship with Vladimir Putin?

“There’s only one, and that’s Donald Trump.”

Trump’s own behavior has also been investigated, as a federal judge ruled this week that the former president was “more likely than not” to commit the crime of trying to overturn his defeat in the January 6, 2021 presidential election.

Trump previously called the Russian president a “genius” because of his military prowess before the invasion of Ukraine, but later condemned the attack as “terrible”.

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After losing the election in 2020, Trump has hinted at the possibility of running again in 2024, as incumbent President Biden has seen his approval rating drop.

A recent poll showed that Trump would beat Biden by six points if elections were held now.

Biden has hinted at another election bid in 2024, when he will be 82 years old.