Donald Trump urges Putin to release details of Biden’s finances now | World | News

The former US president has urged the Russian leader to release financial information about the Joe Biden family during an interview with the American TV Network. Donald Trump acknowledged that Putin was “not a fan of our country” but later asked the Russian leader to provide an answer to the question of a donation from the Moscow mayor’s wife to Biden.

Mr Trump told Real America’s Voice: “One thing when I was on your show, as long as Putin is not now a fan of our country, let him explain … why the mayor of Moscow his wife, gave Biden both of them Three and a half million dollars?

That’s a lot of money, he gave her three and a half million dollars.

“So now I think Putin will know the answer.

“I think he should let it go, I think we should know that answer.”

He continued: “Now, you will get answers from Ukraine. But why would they give someone who knows nothing about energy $187,000 a month plus an upfront $3 million. I’m not even going to talk about China because they haven’t entered Taiwan yet. will be next.


why did the Mayor of Moscow his wife give the Biden family three and a half million dollars? Nobody was asked.

Trump continued: “But why did the mayor of Moscow his wife give the Biden family $3 and a half million?

“I think Putin will now be willing to give up, so I’m sure he knows something.”

Some Russian units that suffered heavy losses in Ukraine were forced to return home and to neighboring Belarus, British military intelligence said on Wednesday, a day after Russia pledged to reduce military operations around Kyiv and other cities.


President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted with skepticism to an offer made by Russia during negotiations in Istanbul aimed at easing the conflict, which is now in its fifth week.

Its forces have halted the invasion on most fronts, and some analysts note that Russia’s pledge to reduce fighting has largely covered areas where it has lost ground, even as civilians remain trapped in besieged cities to the south and east.

Heavy losses and the withdrawal of some troops had an impact on Russian operations, the British defense ministry said.