Don’t Admit Gamers If You’ve Never Played PUBG, The World’s Best Selling Game!

Don't Admit Gamers If You've Never Played PUBG, The World's Best Selling Game!

Best Selling Game in the World – Who doesn’t know this PUBG game or Player Unknown Battleground? All gamers must know and have probably played this one game.

PUBG, which is a competitor to Free Fire, is at the peak of its success in the category battle royalenot only in Indonesia, but in the world!

In this game, players will be presented with thrilling gameplay. All players will fight each other until only one player wins the battle.

This game can be said to be phenomenal, because a year after the release of this game, 200 million downloads have been made. This shows that PUBG has a very good market response.

Don't Admit Gamers If You've Never Played PUBG, The World's Best Selling Game!

What is PUBG?

PUBG is a game battle royale designed by Brendan Greene. The game was officially released globally in March 2018, which basically has three different versions based on the playing platform.

Initially, PUBG was available for the Windows PC platform via Steam. Which is finally available for Xbox One to mobile as it is today. Version mobile this is really able to penetrate the global market evenly, especially in the Asian region.

Gameplay, there will be 100 players fighting to be the winner. The player can choose to play in mode solo, duoas well as squad.

The game begins with all players in a fighter plane forcing them to free fall on the game map using a parachute. After landing, the players did loot to get items such as weapons, armor and other support tools.

This game is known as a heavy game, requires a smartphone high-end to play the game smoothly. Actually, that’s not a problem because now PUBG Mobile Lite is here, which is a light version of PUBG Mobile. However, the graphics quality is inferior to PUBG Mobile.

PUBG’s unique facts that made it the best-selling game in the world

Behind the boom of PUBG, who would have thought there are some hidden facts that many gamers don’t know. What are these facts? Here are the facts.

1. The creator of PUBG apparently rarely plays games

best selling game in the world

This recognition was directly conveyed by its creator, namely Brendan Greene. Brendan admits he rarely plays games. But unexpectedly, he even created a game that is popular until now and is loved by gamers.

2. The origin of the name of the best-selling game in the world was inspired by childhood

The origin of the name PlayerUnknown is taken from Brendan who as a child was playing with his friends. At that time, he changed the server name which was originally Player 1 to PlayerUnknown.

3. Removing cheating players

PUBG deletes a lot of player accounts that use cheats in his game.

4. Called Chicken Dinner

best selling game in the world

If a player is able to survive until the end of the match, there will be an inscription chicken dinner.

Initially this term originated at great depression that occurred in the United States around the 1930s. These days, a lot of gambling is done for a purpose, which is to make as much money as possible.

If they win in a row, the winner can buy chicken for dinner. Where at that time buying chicken was a very luxurious thing. This is where the term begins chicken dinner in PUBG.

5. Investors had doubts when developing PUBG, which is now the best-selling game in the world

Initially, an investor was hesitant in collaborating with PUBG game owners because they were foreign nationals.

Brendan is Irish, while the investor is South Korean. He thought that working with foreigners was a big risk.

Those are facts about PUBG which is said to be the best-selling game in the world that you may not know. So, as gamers, are you interested in activities such as game reviews or something like that?

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Come on, don’t miss out on playing this popular game!

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