Don’t be careless, these are the correct tips for cleaning laptop screens – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! As usual Mimin will share interesting information, namely tips on cleaning the laptop screen properly. The laptops that we use are often dusty, exposed to fingerprints, or even dirt stains. So, it is quite disturbing the appearance of the laptop screen.

But, it turns out that we can’t just clean it carelessly, you know. Therefore, let’s see the review and happy reading!

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Turn Off Laptop

Illustration of a dead laptop (Photo: Ritelaku)

Tips for cleaning the laptop screen, which is to make sure it is turned off. Because, to minimize shocks that can damage the internal components of the screen. In addition, it also makes it easier for Zone Buddy to see which parts are dirty.

Customize Laptop Screen Type

Illustration of a laptop screen (Photo: Tirto)

There are types of laptop screens that are LED and LCD, and only in the form of glass. So, the way to clean it is also different. Tips for cleaning laptop screens with glass components, which is enough with a mild cleaning solution, such as 70% isopropyl alcohol or Clorox disinfectant wipes.

Then, for laptop screens whose components are LED and LCD, you have to be extra careful or you won’t damage them. You can use water that has been filtered or has gone through the distillation stage, so that the chemical particles don’t damage the screen.

Therefore, mix the water with the vinegar solution in the same ratio, for example 1:1. In addition, you can also use a mixture of water with 70% isopropyl alcohol in the same ratio.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Illustration of microfiber cloth (Photo: iNews)

Tips for cleaning a laptop screen can use a microfiber cloth. Because, the texture of the fabric is smooth, so it is safe to use. Then, what you need to note is, never use a t-shirt, tissue, or cloth to clean it, because it can scratch the screen.

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Avoid Cleaning in a Circular Motion

Illustration of cleaning a laptop screen (Photo: Accurate)

Next, avoid cleaning in a circular or circular motion. Because, it can cause damage due to pressure. So, tips for cleaning the laptop screen are correct, namely with a zigzag or one-way movement. Can be from right to left or horizontally.

Don’t Rub it

Illustration of cleaning laptop screen (Photo: Pricebook)

Tips for cleaning the laptop screen properly, namely do not rub it. But, Zone Buddy just needs to wipe it gently. Because, if you rub it can damage the internal components of the screen. Thus, scratching or even worse causing discolored spots or dead pixels that cannot be removed.

Don’t be careless, these are the correct tips for cleaning a laptop screen

That’s a review of tips for cleaning laptop screens properly. So, keep an eye on the method, even though it sounds trivial, but it is very important.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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