Don’t Be Confused, Here Are 6 Promising College Majors

You intend to take the college entrance exam, but are confused about choosing a promising college major? Let’s look at this short article first.

Finding a job is not the ultimate goal of college activities. The purpose of the lecture is focused on gaining knowledge and forming a good mindset. However, it is no secret that pursuing higher education on campus will make it easier for you to get a job with a decent salary.

If you want this to happen, you must have the skills and competencies that are qualified to occupy certain positions or jobs that have been a dream for a long time.

Actually, you can analyze yourself about the jobs that are needed the most. Jobs that are much needed today and in the future are related to technology, computers, and the digital world. In essence, anything related to the internet and is flexible or fast-changing.

Promising College Courses

1. Medicine

promising college majors

One of the most promising majors is medicine. As long as humans exist, the medical profession will always be needed. It is also included in the science majors for children with great job opportunities.

Although currently there are online consultation services through websites and applications, the medical profession will not be replaced. Because, the consultation service is also provided by a doctor. So, technology will not shift the medical profession and will make it easier for doctors to work.

2. Accounting

accounting course

The next promising college major is accounting. One of the accountants is needed as a custodian of company assets. Because, an accountant is required to work with ethics.

As long as the business is still running, the role of an accountant is still very much needed. Although currently there are many software that help in compiling financial reports, but it will not shift the role of accountants. Because after all, the system can manage data with the help of accountants.

3. Civil engineering

Currently, the construction of houses, apartments, hotels, malls and other buildings is still being carried out. On top of that, civil engineering graduates take part.

As the phenomenon goes investation property, so many developers are competing to attract their clients. Well, there are a lot of civil engineering graduates there.

Civil engineering graduates are not only planning buildings and public facilities. However, they are also needed to analyze how it will be treated in the future.

4. English and mandarin literature

Globalization has many impacts everywhere. Boundaries between countries seem to be blurred in a conversation between two people of different nationalities. To interact, they use English.

For this reason, graduates of English literature if they are very fluent in pronouncing English words correctly have a great chance of getting a job. They can open private English services or become translators.

However, it is not only English that has many speakers. Mandarin is also still very much needed. Many business fields in various countries require the services of professional Mandarin speakers.

5. DKV

Communication Design and Visual become one of the promising college majors. How come? This DKV graduate has a lot of job choices in the future.

All content on social media, there is interference from people who are good at photo and video editing. You can pursue this by studying in the DKV major.

The prospects for the Visual Communication Design major include as a copywriter, photographer, graphic designer, and so on. In the future, as there is a lot of content on social media, DKV graduates are still very much needed.

6. Informatics

The more the use of the internet that is very indulgent, the more risks that must be faced. This risk is related to the spread of computer viruses.

To solve this problem, the role of informatics graduates has a role. The job prospects of the informatics engineering major include web designers, web developers, programmers, and so on. The salaries of professionals in this field are also very attractive. So promising isn’t it?

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