Don’t Be On Our Phones – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Come on, identify 7 forbidden WhatsApp applications and their dangers, who knows this application is on your cellphone. Launching from Cnn.Indonesia, it turns out that there are indeed some dangerous WhatsApp applications. Just take a look at Mimin’s review below, happy reading!

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WhatsApp Gold Edition

WhatsApp Gold illustration (Photo: Deccanchornicle)

WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp Plus is a MOD application. Previously, the official WhatsApp had also said through its website, that this WhatsApp Gold user could lead to malware. In features, WhatsApp Gold is similar to the original. However, it is very prone to data theft which is vulnerable to misuse.


Illustration of FMWhatsApp (Photo:

FMWhatsApp is said to facilitate users to use several numbers at once. Apart from that, FMWhatsApp also provides other options for unlimited chat rooms, such as the official app. With FMWA, users are more free to send files with a size of more than 1GB and there are more than 30 types of ticks in a bubble style.

OG WhatsApp

Illustration of OGWhatsApp (Photo: Gubugcoding)

Users of the OGWhatsApp application are given the opportunity to be able to change unlimited themes, as well as increase the number of letters in the status. Another ability of OGWhatsApp can send video files to large audio without worrying about the quality decreasing. Even OGWhatsApp users can also enlarge profiles without being cut off, like on the official WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Indigo

Illustration of WhatsApp Indigo (Photo: Teknolova)

This forbidden WhatsApp application was modified to feature bubbles of various colors, such as cyan, gray, crayon, pink and others. Of the many modifications of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Indigo allows users to send files as large as 72MB. While the official WhatsApp is only 16MB. Not only that, this 72 MB capacity can send images in original quality.

WhatsApp MA

MA WhatsApp illustration (Photo: Kowawa)

Because the original features of the official WhatsApp are still limited, WhatsApp MA offers other user-friendly features, but they are not in the legitimate application. Previously, the theme settings from the official WhatsApp could only be dark and light mode. WhatsApp MA users can change the theme freely. In addition, WhatsApp MA has entered the Play Store, so it can be downloaded easily.

Yo WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp illustration (Photo: Typepad)

Yo WhatsApp (YoWA) developed by application developer Yousef Al-Basha. YoWhatsApp features a feature that allows users to lock WhatsApp without any third-party App Lockers. YoWA application also allows users to hide last seen messages for selected contacts, and this feature cannot be done on the official WhatsApp application.

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GB WhatsApp

Illustration of GB WhatsApp (Photo:

GB WhatsApp is WhatsApp MOD, an application that can be used to communicate with the user’s contacts, but has additional features that are not found in the official application. WA GB is the result of modifying the original application developed by a third party without legal permission. WA GB access is also not available on the Play Store or App Store due to its publishing policy that it can only be installed from third-party sources on the device.

Get to know 7 banned WhatsApp applications and their dangers, Friend Zone: Don’t be on our cellphones

Friend Zone, that’s a forbidden and dangerous feature of WhatsApp, as much as possible you avoid it so that your cellphone is safe from malware and the like.

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