Don’t Be Too Honest in Thesis! 5 Things You Must Know Zone Friend – Student Zone – Hello Friends, Zona is back with Mimin who will discuss interesting facts about dishonesty in doing thesis which is often done by students.

This is indeed a very common thing to happen in student life, considering that the thesis is said to be difficult and of course makes everything not work well.

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Copy paste illustration (Photo: Pertiwi)

Yes, plagiarism for students who cheat in thesis work is often done. Given that not many people know, the final student finally plagiarized thesis writing by copying and pasting the writing.

In the world of education this method is not allowed. So, rather than later, your thesis will be considered a plagiarism, don’t just copy and paste it. However, the paraphrasing is well done.

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Compose Quotes

Illustration of a quote (Photo: Campus Boy)

To make it seem convincing, many final students do quote essays. In fact, he did not hesitate to take notes from other people’s writings, but the contents were written by himself. Supya seems to have a lot of quotes.

Do not let Friend Zone do this in your thesis, if you find out the impact will be very vatal if it is known by your supervisor and the campus where you study.

Compose Observations and Interviews

Illustration of an interview (Photo: Writing)

In the thesis world, we find many students who make up their own observations and interviews. It was as if they were conducting their own observations and interviews in the field. Even though what we find in the field is not.

This method is often used by students whose research objects are taken in their own area. In order to seem convincing they call themselves participant observation.

Write Girlfriend Name in Foreword

Foreword illustration (Photo: Yumpu)

The way that is enough to make Mimin proud is to write her boyfriend’s name in the introduction. Even though in the world of matchmaking, not necessarily they will be together. Maybe separate or maybe together.

Write the Name of a Friend or Service Team

Illustration of friendship (Photo: Koran sindo)

Writing the name of a friend or service team certainly kills your own Zone Buddy. So that this method must be avoided immediately so that Buddy’s script runs smoothly and safely and still passes.

Don’t Be Too Honest in Thesis! 5 Things Zone Friends Must Know

Those are the 5 things that you must know about students’ cheating or dishonesty in writing a thesis. Mimin hopes Zone Buddy doesn’t follow.

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