Don’t be wasteful! Here are 7 Tips to Save Expenditures Friend Zone – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you? As usual Mimin will share interesting information, namely 7 tips to save expenses. As humans, it is indeed difficult for us to avoid being extravagant, because there must be something we want to buy or just hungry for the eyes.

Therefore, for tips on saving Zone Buddy expenses, let’s look at the following reviews and happy reading!

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Making a Budget

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Tips to save expenses on this one is very simple. By making a spending budget for a full month, it actually helps you to save expenses. You just need to register what you need, then determine the nominal amount of money to buy it.

After that, make sure the budget is not less or more. So, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot and can slowly control it. In addition, making a budget also helps you to focus more on the needs that must be met.

Prioritize Interests

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Prioritize interests over needs. Determine what needs must be met immediately during the month by making a shopping list and recording all ongoing needs. For example, boarding fees for students, electricity and water costs, daily transportation costs, and so on.

Try to refrain from buying things that are not a priority, such as bags, shoes, or even hang out and watch movies in theaters.

Set aside income

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Set aside income using the 60/20/20 method. This means 60% to meet priority needs, 20% as an emergency fund, and 20% to save or invest. That way, Zone Buddy can find out how to manage finances every month.

In addition, get into the habit of saving. This is very simple and easy but it is rarely done, because when you save there is something you want to buy. Sometimes we are also tempted to see a lot of money to spend it.

However, you can set a goal of saving. For example, by writing down the purpose of saving for traveling, buy a car, and so on. Because, you will be more motivated to achieve it and think twice about taking savings.

Record Expenses

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Get into the habit of regularly recording expenses for a month in a book or an application on your cellphone. The goal, you can find out how much you spend each month and can evaluate what to subtract and add to the list of needs.

For example, in January the expenditure is Rp. 3.5 million and in February it is Rp. 4 million. In fact, the budget for a month is Rp. 3 million. Well, Zone Friends can look for other alternatives for every financial problem to keep it measurable.

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Create Separate Account

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The next step is to create a separate account to separate the funds for daily needs and which funds are used for urgent matters. You can transfer money monthly to the account and this method has proven to be quite effective in helping to save money.

Note from Mimin, look for a bank that provides high interest without fees. Because it can increase the amount of savings faster.

Compare Prices

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For those of you who like to buy goods and prioritize brand over quality, you should stop. Look for cheap but high-quality items.

But, if the goods are both of high quality, choose a cheaper one. Always remember the original goal, which is to save on monthly expenses.

Don’t Use Credit Card

And finally, don’t use a credit card. This item does have many advantages, such as getting cashback, discounts, and promotions. But, again, it depends on whether we use it wisely or not.

If you don’t use this credit card wisely, you will be in debt. So, so that it doesn’t happen to us, it’s better to use cash for daily transactions, so that the flow of expenses and income is controlled.

Don’t be wasteful! Here are 7 Tips to Save Zone Friends

That’s a review of 7 tips to save expenses. So, start with simple things and good luck!

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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