Don’t shampoo every day, it’s not good for health

the dangers of shampooing every day

Activities or activities of dense days will make our hair feel hot and even feel very dirty. This hot hair situation will demand our desire to wash our hair every day, especially in the afternoon or evening after coming home from work. That’s right, hair and head can feel fresher and cleaner so that it makes our bodies more comfortable to rest. Unfortunately, if we do shampooing every day, it actually makes hair health worse. Why did this happen?

Not only bathing, many people deliberately wash their hair every day. Usually, the reason why you do it is to make your hair feel clean and fresh, especially if your daily activities make you sweat a lot or are exposed to dust. Unfortunately, although it can make you feel fresher, washing your hair every day is not good for health and can be dangerous.

From health experts it has been stated that the day after we wash our hair, after that the hair will be naturally coated with a natural oil, this is what makes our hair easier to style. However, it will be different if you wash your hair every day, so it is possible that natural oil production will be disrupted which results in your hair being at risk of becoming drier, limp, and even difficult to style.

Can be at risk of cancer

Unmitigated, according to health experts, washing your hair every day can actually increase the risk of getting cancer. This is caused by the condition of the scalp that loses its natural oil content in the scalp epidermis. In fact, the content of this natural oil is very important for the protection of the health of the scalp and hair. As a result, our scalp and hair also become drier.

The content in the shampoo called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which can make the shampoo foamy can also trigger irritation of the scalp. In addition, the content parabens it has also been linked to breast cancer in many studies. This means, if we use it too often, the risk of developing cancer is feared to increase.

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In addition to using shampoo, we should also be careful in choosing bath soap, especially those that can trigger the sensation of dry skin. Use a soap that can keep the skin moist. In addition, do not use warm water too often when bathing because it can cause dry skin.

If you wash your hair often every day, you will feel a fresh sensation and can relieve stress after doing activities. The problem is, washing your hair every day will certainly make your hair more dry and dull as we have said, considering that the natural oil from the scalp is reduced or even lost and does not coat the hair at all. You will actually have a new problem with your hair which makes it even more stressful.

Health experts advise us not to wash our hair every day if we want to maintain its health. Even if we really want to wash our hair every day because we do a lot of activities in a dirtier environment, then it’s a good idea to use a shampoo brand with mild chemicals. Also, try coating your hair with a serum that can keep your hair healthy and make it softer. By using this additional hair vitamin, it will get nutrients in the hair and get a replacement for the natural oil layer so that it will not be easily affected by dry or dull hair problems.

The Right Shampooing Rule, How Many Times?

So, how often should we use shampoo? Health experts advise us to wash only 2-3 times a week. If we are often in a dirty environment, it’s a good idea to protect our hair with a hat or other head covering so that our hair is not easily exposed to dust.

The final word
Maybe it’s clear enough, about why we shouldn’t wash our hair regularly, what are the consequences, how many times a week is recommended to wash our hair. Hopefully this info adds to our knowledge and is wiser in maintaining each other’s health.

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