Download FMWhatsApp Version 16.80.0 (Latest Update)

Download FMWhatsApp Version 16.80.0 (Latest Update)

Download the latest version of fmwhatsapp

For those of you who like to use Whatsapp with cool features, you can use the latest version of FMWhatsApp. In addition, there is also a GBWhatsApp with various interesting themes and wallpapers in it so that the display is not monotonous.

FMWhatsApp The latest version is available for you to upgrade from the previous version v8.05, now it has become v8.26 with a newer look. We know WhatsApp as a lightweight chat application that doesn’t waste internet. So many people use it to register a new Wa account.

Because the features that Whatsapp has are limited, there is such a thing as FMWhatsapp which is a modified form of WhatsApp developed by Fouad Mokdad. This application is able to provide various features that WhatsApp does not have in general.

Download FMWhatsApp

To use WhatsApp with various features such as changing the theme, removing the ‘last seen’ status, to removing the double quotes, please tab the following button.

Updates August 2021
File size 51 MB
Os Android 4.0+

The latest in version 16.80.0:
– Activated stickers in photos (emoji/stickers)
– Enabled Enable archive chat option in 3 dots
– Enabled Scan barcode to add contacts
– Add Re-Save profile picture
– Fixed online contact toast
– Change the shape of emoticons
– Fixed Send in full resolution not working.
– Fixed Preview color when having photo background
– Bug fixes.

How to Install FMWhatsApp

– After the download is complete, you open the FMWhatsApp Apk file in the download folder or download it in your cellphone folder.

– Let the install process run until it’s finished.

– If you have successfully installed and the application is running well, you can log in to your account using your mobile number.

FMWhatsApp Features

There are many features that you can try and use, such as changing themes, downloading wa statuses, and much more. First, let’s try how to change the WhatsApp theme.

1. First you open FMWhatsApp then tab three dots in the top corner then select menu Fouad Mods.

2. After that, several menu options will appear such as Updates, Privacy, Home Screen, so to change your theme, just select YoThemes.

how to change WhatsApp theme

3. Select Download YoThemes and select a theme,
You can swipe down for more options. Click Install if you want to use the theme you want.

Download FMWhatsApp Version 16.80.0 (Latest Update)

The theme will be installed automatically to your WhatsApp after it is installed. If you want to return to the theme as before, you can simply click Reset Preferences on the YoThemes page, it’s quite easy isn’t it.

How to Lock the FMWhatsApp Application

Usually if we use the regular Whatsapp application to lock Wa chat, we need an additional Apk. It’s different when using FMWhatsapp, there is a feature to lock the application directly from the settings in it.

1. First you reopen the Fouad Mode menu.

2. Then select Password and check the WhatsApp Lock column.

Finally, all you have to do is select the lock shape you want to use. There are 3 types that you can choose such as pattern, PIN, and fingerprint.

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Call Filter

Call Filter is another interesting feature that FMWhatsApp offers. It’s possible that you often receive calls from unknown numbers, of course it will greatly interfere with your activities.

With FMWhatsApp, you can filter or filter certain numbers, which numbers are allowed to call you and which numbers are not.

Share Files up to 700MB

On official WhatsApp, we know that if you want to transfer files such as Apk, Doc, Rar, they are only limited to 16MB. However, it’s different if we have used FMWhatsApp then you are free to send files up to a maximum of 700MB, that’s great isn’t it?

Please download now and try other features in the latest version of FMWhatsApp. Those are just a few of the features that we provide an explanation of, there are still many that are no less interesting for you to use.

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