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Download Latest Auto Clicker APK – is application which allows you to click any button on Android without needing your help. This application is included in the game cheat application application but is more practical.

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Maybe some people think that this application has simple features that are not useful. Don’t get me wrong, the application is very useful for gamers who play games on Android devices.

Download Latest Auto Clicker APK

Download Auto Clicker Apk
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Because when you play the game you have to focus on several things, such as when you give up a lot of enemies. You can use this app to tap buttons non-stop.

You don’t have to wait long anymore, you have to know first what features you will find in the following Automatic Clicker APK application.

Auto Clicker App Features
Auto Clicker Application |

The very simple feature of this one mobile game cheat is indeed very simple. But its function when you play games in multitasking is very useful.

Before you download this Auto Clicker APK, you should first know the features that will be available in this application. You don’t need to root to use this app. You can combine this application with Game Guardian.

1. Easy to Run

Auto Clicker Easy To Run On Android
Auto Clicker

Automatic Clicker is a very useful software for idle clicker games. You no longer need to have to spend energy to tap the screen on an Android phone. Because you can relax and enjoy the win from the automatic click of the screen provided by this one application.

Later you can configure the desired tap on your Android device without any difficulties.

2. Doing Random Taps

Random Taps
Random Taps

When carrying out attacks on scattered enemies, of course you need a lot of beats, right? Now with this application, you can fulfill the need to tap in many areas on the screen.

You just need to configure according to the needs of random taps on the screen. In addition, other advantages of this random feature you can also set the speed with the desired coordinates.

3. Configure Beats

Auto Clicker Configuration Settings
Auto Clicker Configuration Settings

After giving this program permission to run on your Android device, now you can set the beat configuration according to your needs when playing games.

You can fully configure the beats you need such as the length of the beats, the number, and how often the beats will appear. In addition, you can also determine the location of the tap and when it will appear by using this Auto Clicker.

4. Setting the Time

Managing time
Managing time

Even more interesting if you download the latest Auto Clicker APK. You can already set the time to stop using the application while playing games. So you don’t have to worry if you forget to close the application.

You just have to choose the starting time of the day, a certain hour when not using this application while playing. Timing is really useful when you need to stop playing or open a live streaming app.

5. Free

One thing that most app users like is that it’s free. Of course you can use all the features of this application as explained above for free.

Although you will find ads in the application, they are not annoying at all.

Download Latest Auto Clicker APK

After seeing some of the interesting features of this application, are you interested in using it? What are you waiting for, let’s download this one game cheat application via the download button that ipadguides Download has provided above.

Automatic Clicker Software Information

Details Automatic Clicker
Developer SimpleHat Software, LLC
Minimal OS Android 7.0.0 and above
Download 10,000,000+
Size 9.5MB
Download Latest Auto Clicker APK for Android
Download the latest auto clicker apk

Download Latest Auto Clicker APK – An application that allows you to click any button on Android without needing your help. This application is included in the game cheat application application but is more practical.

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