Dragon Nest M : Masterpiece Classic

Hi everyone.
Long time no talk with you. Sorry, I’m busy.
But still can play a game every day.
This time, I will tell you about one game online. Yes, absolutely you know it.
Who don’t know Rose and an airship in a city called Mana Ridge?? (Ew, I forget. Mana Ridge or Saint Heaven).

Let’s talk about Dragon Nest. All of you should know this game.

Dragon Nest stories still about girl name Rose and of course you’ll face the dragon. Althea created Verathea, a bright and beautiful world, as well as its inhabitants: Dragon, Ancient, Elf, and Human. Evil dragons and monsters continuously threat the Althea continent. A little girl who grabs a key of new hope appears at a little town of the continent (Rose). Some of high clerics and sorceress sense her advent and start to make their move. On the other side, evil forces also make their move. You should save Rose and of course the city.

You should know about gray hair beauty ladies called Argenta, dragon slayer called Geraint, and a mysterious knight called Velskud. You’ll meet them in this dragon nest mobile.
The features of Dragon Nest M: Masterpiece Classic are :

  • Job. Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, Tinker, Assassin.
  • PVP
  • PVE
  • Guild
  • Daily Quest
  • Mount
  • Craft System
  • Fairy (I think this one is like Pet)
  • Skill
  • Mall
  • Bazaar (I think this one is like Auction House)
  • Benefit
  • Online
  • Reward
  • etc

Well, I’m already playing this game. So, you can check below if you wanna know

If you wanna join me to play this game, you can click here: Link
And this game for Android and iOS.

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