Ease of Transaction is the Biggest Investment

RahmanCyber ​​NET | Blog Contest Articles – Past before i graduated high school on year 2011indeed I never thought about management in transact. Daily life transact My business only thinks, how the goods sell in the market, without paying attention to the way transact which makes it easy for the client.


As a new player in the business world, I realize that I still need to learn a lot, of course, from people who can already do it.

Every day without realizing it, it turns out that instinct is growing so rapidly. Curiosity and wanting to be able to, led me to more quickly catch up with others. I once got advice from my parents “If you want to be successful, then put others first, take your time, and don’t forget your worship.”

BCA which is one Banking ICON in Indonesiahas provided a variety of banking facilities which is very useful for productivity in these competitive global years. Example :

E-Banking, with the perfect offer for modern transaction convenience.

In it there are many choices of transactions with E-Banking, including:


(Not only make withdrawals here, but we can also make cash deposits 24 hours a week),

style="text-align: justify;">DEBIT BCA

(It is a passport card that can be used for transactions at many merchants throughout Indonesia, only one card is needed for various practical transactions),


(not only transacting with cards, we can also withdraw cash with only one card),


(Multifunctional prepaid card, the fastest and the first in Indonesia with chip technology and RFID — Radio Frequency Identification and can be refilled easily through merchants marked with FLAZZ Refill, we can transact easily for various lines of business),

style="text-align: justify;">BCA BY PHONE

(Imagine if all banking matters were completed in an instant just by picking up the phone and accessing the service BCA by phone? and this is convenience BCA BY PHONE),


(Services are just one click away via the internet via our computers or smart phones, anywhere and anytime comfortably and safely in conducting transactions, this is what we offer CLICK



(And this is the most liked trend, namely BCA CLICK PAY, you know why? we can transact online at various merchant in throughout Indonesia marked


with a credit system with 0% interest or cash without fear of being cheated, because all merchant marked BCA CLICK PAY guaranteed safety! that’s also what i like. We are no longer afraid to shop online) ,


(Mobile-based transaction portal service from BCA, it’s time for us to make our cellphones our ATM Our personal without the need to look everywhere ATMwe can transact via M-BCA),


(with BCA SMSthe ease of transactions is also getting closer, we can transact just by sending SMS

by sending a special Order),


(It is a portal BCA based on applications on smartphones or not, with this we can transact economically by only using access GPRS/EDGE/3D/WIFI without the need to replace SIM CARD)


is Banking Solution which Totality provide full comfort. So that Future plan can be designed as early as possible, with variety Ease of Transaction which is offered Banking Products BCA and Banking Services BCA provides Financial Freedom more for modern society in the global era.

Of course not be heavy anymore for us to be nimblein collaboration with business worldstage after-sales ripe and invest for success.
Together achieve success are beautiful words to say and are absolute for all community line.

Indonesia will also advance along with people who have followed a lot of global developments, making Indonesia a country that is not left behind and outperforms the outside community and proves to the world that in Indonesia can too!

Ease of Transaction is the Biggest Investment

Begins from Ease
of Transaction
which is Investation the biggest for a businessman like me for serve and carry out various business transactions, quickly, comfortable and safe with Image Professional which I got. Remember! Because we are people who can walk or run for compete in the Global Realm, so am I.

So from the various statements above I make Ease of Transaction as one of the Biggest Investment for me.

Spirit and success!

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