Easy Ways to Embed the Latest Twitter Posts on Blogger

Easy Ways to Embed the Latest Twitter Posts on Blogger

This time RahmanCyber.NET sharing one of the tricks on the internet but related to social media and related to bloggers, so in the categorization, we put it into several labels, namely internet, blogger, and blog optimization.

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How do you embed or link our tweets on Twitter into blog posts?

Actually the method is quite easy.. hehe, but it should be noted that this will also affect the loading speed, because it uses

javascript / js from twitter.

Yes… it’s the same with Images, more images, if you don’t apply LAZY image on Blogit will also affect page loading.

But let’s look at the importance first. If it’s really important, why not?

After all, blogging is to provide information or channel our thoughts to visitors or visitors who need it.

1. Please go to Twitter Profile Page Target, or Go to Twitter posts which will be Embedded,

2. Click On section vertical triple point which is at the top right of the post / tweet.

rahmancyber's twitter

3. After that it will appear “Embed” just click the button..

Embed Twitter RahmanCyber

4. Then it will appear Embed Code Page.. please Copy Code His tweet, by pressing the available copy button.

Copy the twitter post embed code

5. Now go directly to your blog post, please change it to HTML Display


After clicking the pencil icon above, a selection will appear.

change to blogger post html view

6. If you have, please go to the place where the Twitter post will be placed earlier.

html code format

Click the html format icon in the form of a ladder shown above, to tidy up the html code of the post so that it will be like this.

html format

7. Then paste the code copied earlier to the destination, usually my instructions are words or sentences,

So try to memorize the word / sentence first before changing to html display.

or to make it easier, stop writing first when you want to tweet the material you want to embed.

Then do how to take the twitter embed code earlier, and place it on the last line, after that change the mode to writing display.

embed code

it is the laying of the code,

code result

and That is the result when we change to writing display

8. Done, finally

that’s an example bro..

That’s how to Embed Twitter Post in Blogger Posts.

Actually, this trick can also be practiced to embed other people’s tweets, not only our own tweets, so other people’s twitters can too, for example we need a source for our news or articles, and find one of the famous people’s twitter, so it can be quoted to post.

How come this method is still relevant until 2021… the method is still the same and hasn’t changed.

Suggestions and conclusions

Try to make it easy and minimize errors (actually we need to make sure the opening tag for example

is closed properly

so that there are no errors in posting.

Every html tag has a prefix and an ending.

If you can’t make a Blog Post, you can check it out Blogger Tutorial videos for Beginners

There I have made a video discussion about Blogger, to make it easier for visitors to this blog to understand bloggers.

Such is our discussion this time, hopefully it can be useful even if a little.


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